Thursday, 23 September 2010


Thank goodness I have done a few blogs and know exactly where the login keys are. I turned on my computer tonight and my instructions are all in Finnish - not sure why blogger has done that to me - so I do hope this is in English for you! Welcome to Helsinki, Finland. First impressions are of simple buildings, strange language (which is unique to Finland) and expensive eating! Lots of attractive Nordic girls and guys and all very friendly. I had to look for some new clothes today - on Monday before we left Oxford we did a stack of washing and used a gas dryer - now half of my clothes have shrunk!! (And it wasn't the clotted cream....really!!). Anyway the shop assistants are very friendly - they start by nattering away in Finnish and with my blank look quickly convert to English. Apparently English is taught at school as a compusory subject - I do admire them. So here are a few quick first day views.
Our hotel is beside one of many harbours
(apparently there are over 300 islands around Helsinki)
And lots of silver balls - relatives to ours in Rundle Mall
Above just me trying to be a smart fart on the camera
On closer inspection they are mushrooms
No coffee out here - it rained all morning....
Wine from home.......
Park the dog.....
Love this girl's patchwork style
and I saw this following image in an empty warehouse???!

Architectural views tomorrow

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  1. Welcome to Finland :) Fun to think that you are only 35 km away from my home now! And sorry about the weather here, it is typical autumn weather, eventhough we had a most untypical summer this year.


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