Wednesday 8 September 2010

Its raining in Edinburgh

I guess rain is to be expected in Scotland but it hasn't stopped us.....these are the first few images from yesterday when we first arrived
We headed straight into the city - about a 30 minute walk from our B&B
Not sure how this is done???
For you Brett
And then the castle - this is our second visit
The tattoo has just finished so all the seating is being dismantled
A view from our street
And the B&B view when we finally got home - we are in that little window right at the top
Lizzie and Gary our hosts are renovating the house and
what great taste - William Morris wallpaper in the hallway (thistle)
Check out the stairs we have to climb!
This morning we woke to rain, rain and more rain.
And this is the pace we were walking as well!
 Despite the rain we headed for Holyrood Palace.
The courtyard from under my brolly
There are plenty of chaps that look like this!

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  1. Scotland is my heritage and these pictures are awesome. One of these days I hope to visit there.


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