Tuesday, 28 September 2010

First impressions of St Petersburg

Our journey into Russia was full of mixed emotions - partly due to our trepidation with thoughts of a society that has gone through oppression for so long. The architectural facade is truly spectacular as you will see by my images but underneath all of this there is a sense of anarchy. One wonders how the system and people have coped with the change that has come to them so rapidly. I fear it hasn't. There is evidence of confusion with no proper systems in place. To start with the driving is simply chaotic - there is no regulation so cars drive anywhere, park anywhere and take frightening risks as we witnessed on many occasions today! But despite that there is wonder at the sights.....
 When we first arrived we saw buildings in disrepair. Our bus then took us to this destination and informed us this was our accommodation - some on the bus thought she was serious (!!)
 Peter and Paul Cathedral within the fortress
 Palace embankment and the Hermitage at day and at night........

 Peter the Great (tyrant)
 Palace Square day and night...........

Cathedral - "Our Saviour on the spilled blood" day and night......
 And below - I even found some Morris in a window!

Above - this is all I wanted to bring back!

Tomorrow to the Hermitage and Summer palaces (and more) before Novgorod and then Moscow.
Not sure when the next blog will be

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