Monday, 13 September 2010

Announcing an exciting adventure for 2012

I am on the train to Oxford enjoying 1st class comfort and free internet access........hhmmm!  I want to annouce to you all a very special adventure to be held in September 2012. I had an email from Helen of Whitecroft tours (from the UK), some months ago wondering if I would be interested in assisting with a William Morris tour of Britain.......are you kidding!!??? What a wonderful invitation and now I have met Helen here in the UK I can let you all know 'officially'. Final details are obviously a while away but we will be visiting all the important William Morris spots including Kelmscott, Red House and exclusive behind the scene looks at the Victoria & Albert Museum collection....and much more. Check the website of interesting tours and spectacular accommodation;
(All photos are from the Whitecroft tour website)
Jane Austen tour
Embroidery and tapestry tours
Quilt tours

And even Beatrix Potter tours - we are travelling though the Lakes
district as I type but it is raining and too misty for photos!

So if you think your savings might stretch this far for 2012 do let me know so I can keep your name on file. The tour will be limited in numbers and will include two days of stitching a special William Morris applique project with me. What a wonderful adventure this will be!


  1. That does sound wonderful Michelle. I have been following your trip with interest, love the photos and your commentry too! I will be in Adelaide in a couple of weeks for the AMQFestival and will have to make time to go see William up close!

  2. i registered with the tour company
    not sure its hubbys type of tour but at least we could do a small one, i wonder if they include Cornwall

    Michelle see, when you begin something in life you never know where its going to lead you, when we look back we can often see forward, things are meant to be,
    simlar happened to me 20 years ago when i started a business things just come from now where , but do they things are meant to be, so this is meant for you, How wonderful.


  3. I hope you managed to see the church windows in Cumbria designed by Edward Burne-Jones and installed by Morris&co? :o)

    Also hope you saw some sunshine in our wonderful county!

  4. have been following your trip with envious eyes...LOL....wonderful pics...the tour in 2012 sounds last class with you was in Loxton....perhaps my next will be London! Put me down for updates! Can't wait for your fabric collection to be unveiled!

  5. I stumbled on this looking for something to do on my 50th in 2012 and this looks wonderful!!


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