Thursday, 21 January 2016

Tokyo Touchdown

Well here I am on my adventure in Tokyo! It was a very long day yesterday and by the time my head hit the pillow it had been 21 hours since I'd left home. It is a much easier journey than the trips to the UK but it still involved an 8 hour flight to Hong Kong and then a 4 hour flight to Tokyo. It was great shock (which I was expecting), to feel the plummet in temperature from leaving the heat of the very hot southern hemisphere summer to zero temperatures of the northern winter…..and yes there is even snow in Tokyo!………..
 This is my home for the next 5 nights and the gardens nearby are lovely with a touch of snow here and there……..

Some views of the morning just a short stroll from the hotel…….

 Designated smoking areas……...

 Language is clearly a barrier for me but everyone is so charming and helpful with the assistance of plastic food displays…..even the drinks are plastic so one just points to what one wants………….

 I've heard of the decorative manhole covers in Japan so here is my first……...
what a great idea to hire an umbrella……..
 None of these flowers are real……..even the roses……...
 but these are!!……...

 As I type this post I have BBC world news on and I have just heard that we are in for a lot more snow…..more of that tomorrow x


  1. Have a great time Michele, and enjoy being cold for just a little while!

  2. thanks for sharing this will be interesting to see. language would be a barrier for sure for me.

  3. How exciting. Have a great time.

  4. Enjoy Ramen (noodles) & have an okonimyaki (japanese egg pancake) - Have fun x

  5. Hi Michele! You are totally the luckiest duck in the pond! Enjoy every delicious moment of your adventure! Sending heaps of hugs :)

  6. In another life you would be a great photo journalist. Thanks for the photos. Have a great time!

  7. I think you are going to see quilt show there. Enjoy and please bring back a lot of photos here! Keep warm!!

  8. Your morning pictures are so interesting and different from your "home" pictures....... on with the day. :-)


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