Sunday, 10 January 2016

Lessa Siegele and the Rajah quilt Show!

I am so excited…..just had an email from wonderful Lessa Siegele to say the long awaited Quilt Show episode with her is now available to view……yeh! I responded with a 'Yahoo', a 'Yeeha' and even a 'Tally Ho' so you can see I am whoop whooping from 'down under'!!  Helen in the UK would say 'Brill' and me….well quite possibly 'Far Out'! 
You can view the original 1841 Rajah quilt in the National Gallery here and this is the version that Lessa made which will also be available as a Block of the Month all year as well HERE…….
Lessa was one of my first quilt teachers in the 1980's (well maybe second!) and she has been an amazing mentor to so many of us. Her area of expertise is piecing and precision….way down in my skill area! She has been in demand as a teacher for 30 years and is well loved and admired. In 2007 Lessa received the prestigious Rajah Award for services to quilting in Australasia.…….the name is no coincidence and this was her way of saying thankyou. So enjoy the show…..
This is the trailer……
and the full link is HERE

Oops……..I don't think it is available until tomorrow as I did not read Lessa's email correctly (just way too excited!)….sorry - try again!


  1. Tried to see the quilt at the National Gallery Canberra. It is no longer there.

  2. We were told it has been taken down for resting and traveling. Just a heads up so you don't go there especially to see it

  3. I remember seeing a photo of that quilt on a blog someplace last year or so - wonderful - didn't know it would be a block of month - might need to check that out (as if I'm not working on enough!) Far out is right!

  4. I love Lessa!I have been fortunate to do two workshops with her. One at Meroo probably 5-6 years ago and last year with Maitland Patchwork Quilters. She is a wealth of quilting knowledge and tips and one of the most lovely and friendly ladies I have ever met. She workshopped this quilt with our group plus her 60 degree triangle quilt. That is what I love most about being a quilter -meeting the most amazing and friendly people.

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