Friday, 22 January 2016

Tokyo Quilt Festival Part 1

How on earth can I possibly share my day in a blog post? I am overwhelmed with what I have seen and with almost 400 photos from the first day I guess I need to start somewhere! So first up will be the William Morris display. Morris & Co / Sandersons had provided some historical pieces (which  could not be photographed),  but it was a great thrill to actually meet Michael Parry from the company (I think he is the archivist), and all the way from London! (and he informed me he is about to have a holiday down under and Adelaide is on the agenda too!). I was proud to say that I live in Adelaide where the 'Mary Isobel' Portiere embroidery stitched by Mary Isobel Barr Smith lived and the design is still produced by Morris and Co. today….. 
You can meet Michael on this little video………

Now to the quilts. These Morris quilts were not in my style of appliqué but were instead cleverly pieced works using Morris textiles - often furnishing samples. The creativity and imagination was amazing. The descriptions and quilt maker were often in Japanses so I am sorry I have not included that but a list of makers can be found on the festival website here………….


 Some Japanese fashion………...

 that were later worn (including a photo with Michael)…………

More quilts and displays……...

 I want one of these!…….(no idea where you can get them!!)……...

 and I wouldn't say No to one of these either!!……..

The entrance to the display was a replica of Kelmscott Manor (well sort of!)…………

As you can see by the photos one had to be very patient trying to get an image without spectators! I had a little rest perched up here and this was my view………..
 Literally thousands and thousands of people………….
So next post will be the Beatrix Potter display…..and let me tell you…..that is breath taking!


  1. Overwhelming ..... so much to see and I am only looking at photographs....not sure how you are pacing yourself.... the Japanese have a very different way from the USA of seeing and doing the arts including quilting. I could learn much from them but unlike other countries I can not figure out a way to "start".

    Thank You for your post as I am sure you are tired at the end of the day.

  2. What a huge crowd, it looks as if textiles are very popular in Japan. So exciting

  3. Wow Michele, that is all absolutely amazing! The Japanese workmanship is superb. I do not know how you are coping with the crowds though. I have never seen anything like the photo of the auditorium. Stay well. Love Katrina x

  4. Thank you so very much for sharing your posts on the Japanese quilt show. These Beatrix Potter quilts are truly amazing.

  5. I love the archive video and just astounded at the quilting-no question whether or not it is ART-spectacular art. if you meet up with Michael Parry when he comes to Adelaide you must bring him here to see you extraordinary quilt in its setting and of course have tea. I am just amazed by your photos and the creativity and artistry.

  6. Thank you for sharing! Yes somebody said it is not possible to take photos without somebody's body parts! Nice to see great display of Morris. Any idea if this is the first time?

  7. Thank you for sharing these wonderful quilt photos.
    Have a nice day,


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