Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sunday in Japan

Today I was invited to join the group of girls from home who have already been in Japan for 12 days touring. So today it was a real treat to see some local sights. First stop was a visit to Yasakuni shrine market where I was rewarded with a couple of antique Kokeshi dolls (which is all I have wanted to take home with me!) They are cheaper than buying new ones and I managed to get a couple that were only $5-$10AU each………

 You could even buy some "antique" animals too!……..

 A short walk and we were back underground ready for several train trips as we headed to the Amuse Museum to see the Boro collection belonging to Chuzaburo Tanaka. Some sights along the way including old murals in one of the train stations……..

 The museum was fascinating and so wonderful that these textiles are now on display for all to see. The stories with the pieces were truly sentimental so hopefully you can read some of the text that I captured by clicking on the image. We started on the roof top and captured some views…….

This can't have been very comfortable for both the horse and the rider……..

 Scraps of fabric represented one's wealth……...
 Such a moving story below……….

 We had another long walk through crowds of Sunday strollers around Sansoji and it was delightful to see the girls dressed up for the day……….

 The cherry blossom trees supported with posts so that the snow doesn't break the limbs………..
 I thought these were possibly some kind of corn doll craft but apparently they are to cover plants…..

 I am told these are saki holders………

 The group all lined up for yet another train……….
Amazing to see an entire family transported on bikes…sometimes 2-3 children with a parent on each bike…….
 There is still evidence of the cold but no snow has fallen since I've been here. More adventures tomorrow- take care until then x


  1. it is nice to see you enjoying yourself seeing the sights before you head for home. Those dolls that you show are really neat. I bet it is a lot chillier there than you have at home for this time of year.

  2. I am enjoying your trip so much, seeing things I never even knew existed. Thank you, I am so glad you got to go. I think you are so generous to give those quilters a hand made gift. Travel safe.

  3. Asakusa is a great place to explore, isn't it? Hope it wasn't too crowded. That exhibition looks great. Enjoy the rest!


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