Monday, 25 January 2016

Fuji Fantasy

I cannot put into words the magical day we have had today. The photos will not do it justice but the memory will remain with me forever. Each morning I have been blessed with a view of Mount Fuji teasing me from far away. I've seen her at dusk and at sunrise from my hotel window…….

 But today I got a little closer. We had a two and half hour train and bus trip to get there so along the way a few sights. This is a golf driving range and those nets towered high……..

 And this is where the super fast bullet trains are being tested……...
 And then there was the thick snow below and the veil over the mountains…...
 Glimpses of Fuji continued to tease us along the way……...

 11am and just zero degrees but the sun was shining and there was just a gentle breeze…….

 I would have loved to capture the magical icicles from the ground but this was one of the passing views from my bus window……….
 Here we reached one of the five lakes……..

 And there she was……..and what perfect weather to capture this lifetime memory……
Thought I should really have one to prove I was there!!……..

We had a quick visit to a silk museum……...

 And then came a visit to one of the most magical and spiritual places I have seen……..The Itchiku Kubota Art Museum. The story of this brilliant man has many parallels to William Morris including the need for sharing art to the masses and researching techniques from centuries ago. We were not able to take photos inside but you can see some of the collection and the story Here. As we wandered up the path the magic started to weave its spell……….

 The views from the tea house windows were like being in a fantasy land and actually brought me to tears…….

 The stitching and beading on the kimonos was incredible as were the colours and textures. Read here about this amazing artist who spent time in Siberia in a POW camp fearing he would never complete his dream to make a lasting memory for us to see. As we walked outside I could not imagine it looking any better than in the winter snow……….

 So then it was the long trip back to the hotel where I am now packed and ready for an early start before I head home. Thanks for sharing in my memorable brief journey to Japan x


  1. thanks for sharing all that you have Michele, it looks like Japan is a cold place and deep in winter like parts of the US. Have a safe trip hope

  2. Thankyou for sharing it with us xx

  3. It does look like the Fairy ice Queen's wonderland-a trip for all the senses. Thank you for always sharing. XX

  4. You are totally blessed with the weather. Perfect snow and perfect sun shine! Thank you for sharing!!

  5. Seeing Fuji from your hotel is such a treat. I,too, have sat in that tea room and be blown away. The museum is a real beauty. Inspiring.. Thanks for sharing your journey, Michele - an honour to have been with you on your first trip to Japan

  6. It's been wonderful seeing your trip in such lovely photographs. I'm pleased for you that it was so very worth the trip.

  7. WOW, Michele, another fabulous post. I always feel as if I'm with you - you are so thorough to our delight. I laughed when I saw that ice cream cone. Blessings,

  8. That's amazing Michele. We couldn't see Fuji at all on approach ( & had been warned that cloud can be a problem) until we rounded a bend on the lake and then that most amazing view & no cloud anywhere. I was excited to think about returning sometime but now I think it will most definitely need to be in winter.


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