Thursday, 14 January 2016

Home in the country

Some months back I posted about Dot's beautiful country home here and now I find myself posting about another beautiful country house. Jenni and Graeme live in Yankalilla, about 70kms south of Adelaide but only 35 minutes from our current home. For a few years now Larry and I have talked of how nice it would be to "Escape to the Country"…….we watch that UK show way too much! Anyway we fell in love with this home/land package that we recently saw advertised……...
We first saw this design some years ago in our favourite holiday destination Robe but this house/land package was of all places also in Yankalilla where Jenni and Graeme live. So I messaged Jenni just to say Hi and all of a sudden we were invited to lunch. She messaged me her address and we got the shock of lives to find out the house/land package was right next door to them and almost the same design house!…….

 I met Jenny about 15 years ago in class. We don't catch up that often but when we do it is just like it was yesterday. Jenni is an extremely talented embroiderer (as is Dot), who does make the occasional quilt too! Her home is something out of a magazine and she was chuffed that it might be featured here on the blog. I was sorry I did not have my camera - not something one does when visiting so the phone had to suffice. The entrance hall sets the scene of what is to come……...
 Jenni also shares my love of Morris too…….

 In the master bedroom hangs this exquisite petit point - I just can't call it cross stitch as it is way too tiny! Jenni adores the hand dyed variegated threads from Cottage Garden - an Australian business that we all adore. I was lucky to meet the "Mum" of the business Pam back in 2010 at the Australian Quilt Market…..
Jenni has stitched this sampler of tiny flowers in an urn using every single colour-way from this wonderful thread collection with the colour code under each urn……….
 Unbelievable detail and such a great way to show how the finished variegated threads will look……….
The two bottom right hand numbers were dyed just for Jenni!
 So the house tour continued where more of Jenni's incredible samplers were displayed and every one of them using the same variegated threads……..

 The centre Russian teapot collection was a very special gift from Graeme for Jenni's recent 60th…….

 And what a chandelier below! Looking carefully it is made up of recycled bowls, cups and even an upside down salt shaker and egg cup……….

 In the corner of the spare room Jenni has her threads hanging on a tree!…….

 Jenni's latest creation is this rug made of knitted strips…….just gorgeous……….

 And then there is the sewing room and what an organised room too! Jenni assured me she knows what is in every unlabelled basket !……….

 and the countryside view from her sewing machine…………
Many of Jenni's embroideries are made up entirely of french knots like these birds……..

 and what a rug when you look closely……..

 There are handmade gifts from her students including this gorgeous silk etui……….

 another gift from a student………...

 These Christmas ornaments all made by Jenni include a letter from the alphabet - A for angel etc and the back is entirely beaded……...

 Some pieces are 'in progress'…..

 After the grand tour it was drinks and nibbles outside before lunch………

 Jenni had chuckled at my post Birds, Birthdays and Blogging Babble so she found she could not go past a new addition for my home and just for my birthday too…..thanks Jenni x
I think you could spend a week here and still not see it all! Just as we thought we were done out came this incredible beaded box using the peyote stitch. Another special gift from a student with a handmade card to match some of Jenni's venetian mask collection. The beaded box was also in a matching handmade paper box………...

 What wonderful students Jenni has who have now become special friends. Thankyou Jenni and Graeme for a wonderful long lunch - that was the quickest five and a half hours ever! And thankyou for sharing your beautiful home with us all. Morris Quilt Three will be posted tomorrow (and Margotatau, Roxanne, Viv and Mary……I need your email addresses so I can send you the Woven Verdure pattern!)


  1. your friend does such wonderful work. And such a variety. A very beautiful home and lovely gardens. I love that tea pot collection. With no labels on the boxes in the sewing room I would be lost - I tend to label mine.

  2. Now I know who you had lunch with, I know it would have been a lot of fun! Did you have a "Tart" for lunch?

  3. Such beautiful and varied work. Her home is like a museum, but a livable one. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I love her home! I have an identical mahogany oval tea caddy in my dining room. I really love the glass floral frog used to display tiny scissors. Now, if only I can find one of them on my next antique hunt! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Another stunning quilt, Michele! I am so enjoying your series on your Morris quilts - the details you share are so instructional and fascinating. please let us know where we can get the pdf.

  6. What a lovely place to have lunch. Jenni's house and gardens are beautiful and her work is exquisite. Thank you both for sharing this with us. A lovely spot to live. Although I do miss the bakery there....


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