Sunday, 17 January 2016

Inspiring Indigenous Art

On Friday I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Tarnanthi exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia so I thought I would share some of it. It is somewhat removed from what I would normally attend but Kay wondered if I'd like to join her as it was finishing this weekend. The dates were extended from October last year and I am so glad that I did go. I think I was expecting just more of the infamous dot paintings of the Australian indigenous people which we did see, but it was with a fresh and new eye with over 300 contemporary artists represented. The overwhelming emotion that I took away with me was one of respect, peace and lots and lots of colour….. so I will just let the pictures do the talking (and sadly I once again didn't have my camera - I did not think photos would be allowed so I'd left it at home - thank goodness for the phone camera but some were challenging working with no flash in a darkened room)………
 These spectacular skirts were displayed so they appeared to float and were covered in artwork by descendants of Albert Namatjira. The skirts and corresponding water-colours were certainly reflective of Albert's beautiful landscapes………..

The canvases in the other spaces were enormous and truly spectacular……..

 This was my most favourite piece and I sat in front of it at length. The view was the landscape from above but also from the horizon. It was very hypnotic and peaceful and I could definitely enjoy these on my walls……….

Another interesting space……..

 Some textile art ……...

 And a very poignant message………..
 As you entered and exited the display this incredible glass installation left one gasping. In all there were 2,000 pieces of hanging hand blown glass creating "Thunder Raising Poison" to represent the cloud of the bomb blasts at the site of the secret British nuclear tests at Maralinga in the 1950's. It took two men on scaffolding 13 days to install these glass yam shapes under the guidance of the artist Yhonnie Scarce. Every piece was numbered and hung in a precise location. You can read more at the link which includes an interesting video…….
 Thanks Kay for inviting me - I am so glad I went! Here at home I have finally completed the last stitch for the Beatrix Potter book projects, so soon I will retreat 'underground' to do all the typing. For now we are still putting up with more scorching heat where we recline when we can outside in the cool of the early morning and watch the wonderful peaches ripening as they hang over our back fence!…….

This will be my last post before I leave for  Japan in just 3 sleeps to see the Tokyo Quilt Festival….and of course including the two special William Morris and Beatrix Potter inspired displays. See you then!


  1. Hope you get to enjoy those peaches, and have a great trip, you deserve it xx

  2. how exciting that you are going to Japan for the Quilt Festival!! that will be so much fun for you, they have such beautiful hand work, I always think the Japanese Quilters win for hand work and they do it so beautifully. Take many photos of the Wm Morris & Beatrix Potter will love to see what the displays look like. Love the art show that you shared with us, so beautiful. The peaches hanging over your wall look delicious!

  3. This was a very informative post for me.

    Take your camera to Japan..... I look forward to seeing what you see.

  4. What a special exhibit--truly amazing - those skirts! Looks like you will have a bumper crop of peaches. Lucky you - one of my favorite fruits for just eating out of hand or luscious in pies. Do you ever make peach jam? Yum. Have fun in Japan and do take your camera. Safe journey!

  5. Arrived in Tokyo this morning to snow, quite cold, but it meted this afternoon to a beautiful blue sky. Sunshine predicted for the rest of the week and snow maybe for Saturday/Sunday. Cheers Jenni S, friend of Jenni O.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your photos - especially the William Morris and Beatrix Potter ones. Travel safely and enjoy your trip. Pat B

  7. What a fantastic exhibition. Looking forward to hearing all about your travels, lucky girl


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