Saturday, 23 January 2016

Tokyo Quilt Festival Part 3

Another day of visual overload so time to share some more. I will again need to do two posts as there are about 170 photos so enjoy it all as I have. I am once again so sorry that I have not acknowledged the maker but all being in Japanese makes it a little difficult. I also had to take many side views because of the spectators……………

Below are the three major winners…...

 And this was the Best of  Show/Grand Prix winner……….(and I was glad the maker was in English as well)

Below is the Hand Making award……...

 Soem of the original design awards……….

 The remaining quilts are in no particular order but just some that I liked…how hard that is as they were all wonderful. And in many I've done the whole quilt and then some close-ups………..

 And just take note that nearly ALL these quilts were entirely made by hand! More shortly x


  1. thanks once again for sharing - even though I am not there as many others are not - we can at least get a feeling for what is shown - I'm so glad to see hand quilting and hand work is not dead!

  2. Oh my goodness, those quilts are amazing. I wish I was there

  3. Wow! These quilters must be on steroids - such awesome work! And all by hand. They are way ahead of us - well, not you, Michele.

  4. For good or bad, Japanese believe quilt making is hand sewing. I don't know why. I started quilt making after I moved to Ireland and I am very happy to do it with machine. Only hand sewing I would do is needle turn applique which I think look nicer than fused ones.

  5. That red and white quilt with the flower border is exactly my cup of tea. Beautiful quilts, all of them.

  6. Gorgeous! So many ideas I want to borrow and adapt!


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