Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ready to do new things

It has been a very hot day here today with strong dusty winds as well....and friends in the UK are currently feeling the chill and the floods. Last night on our ABC news we were informed of the dire state of our planet in relation to the arctic ice melting. This always results in differing views and I am following the debate HERE. I do know we seem to be having a lot of major climate events and that our seasons have definitely changed.

But today was a good day (for catching up with friends),  but also for my purchases - some delicious wool felt pieces from Hettie's Patch which I have now felted. (I gave away all my felted wool in a workshop last year because I didn't think I would use it again!!)
I am always concerned about using wool felt which is very different from felted wool. The wool felt tends to stretch and I would also be concerned about washing it once it is in a today it was washed and dried in a matter of minutes! I just love the texture and colour of these pieces........and the thick texture after felting.....

I first bought a bundle of felted wool about 5 years ago just because the colours were very 'William Morris' - then I used them in this quilt 3 years ago and just loved fraying and so easy to work with....

Well I have moved on from machine appliquéing the pieces to applying by hand as we did with the New Jersey girls recently.....

So where to from here and why these new pieces I have prepared? I have resurrected two Folk Style quilts that I designed in the 1990's. I have reduced the block size to about 10inches and I just think these will be perfect in this felted wool!. These are the original quilts (scanned photos only as I have given both quilts away and never took good pictures of them)....

 (Below is where this second quilt now resides- a holiday house belonging to my hairdresser!!)

I also purchased some beautiful linen today that I think will be perfect for the background.....

And even more linen with the embroidery threads all waiting in preparation for the all important May Morris embroidery trial!!

While I was retrieving my threads I came across my 'antique purchase' at the quilt show in Houston - I couldn't afford an antique quilt so instead I had a little fossick amongst some antique doilies and I came across this little table-runner - I love the simple but effective embroidery........

So I have plenty to keep me out of mischief for a while. I hope you do too X


  1. I can't wait to see your embroidery as May Morris embroideries are my favorite!

  2. very exciting projects. The Folk art urns will be terrific in wool embroidery... mine stares me in the face everyday and i would never have thought of doing it in wool. I'll be very interested to see how you go with the May Morris embroidery. I have so many things to finish up, can't think of the next big thing

  3. You are reading my mind. On Satruday I bought some hand-dyed wools and hand dyed pear cottons.

    Looking at the wool and guessing it's personality, I immediately zeroed in on your book in my home library. WM is perfect for wool.

    now seeing you do it seals the deal. I'm so excited!

  4. I washed a few things yesterday too, they were dry in an hour. I have never thought of washing the wool felt, the stuff I have doesn't seem to have much stretch in it, something to file away for future reference.

    Applique with wool is wonderful, I enjoy it much more than with fabric, although it is far too hot just now to be handling wool :) best done in winter.

  5. I would love to have a go at wool felt applique, can anyone help me pls. We're can I get wool felt from?


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