Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Welcome to California

 Last night flying over several states, we could not help noticing how many lights there were below us for the whole 5 hour flight from Atlanta to LA. It was a great way to see how enormous the population in the US really is - in Australia we can see nothing for many hours! The entire population of just the state of California is still 15 million more than the entire population of Australia - just staggering considering our country is the same size as the USA! We have settled into the Shore Hotel Santa Monica - the only hotel that had a vacancy when we booked over a year ago!! We have now discovered that every year during this week the American Filmmakers conference is held - hence no reasonably priced vacancies left! But the hotel is wonderful and central to the sights......

 More wonderful reflections in the buildings............

 We walked for several hours tonight and enjoyed the lights, the shop windows and the buskers.....and some delicious frozen yoghurt!

 This window mannequin looked so realistic........

Tomorrow we are doing a Hollywood tour and then Wednesday - Universal Studios. This is probably the only time we will ever be here....... so more of that soon!


  1. Can't get over what is reflected in these building pictures are Palm Trees!! What a TRIP you are on....

    Do hope you have your blogs of this trip made into a book for your memories.... it will be think and thoughtful.

  2. Good morning Michele and Larry, its 6am here. Great photos again, Australia will seem a bit tame when you get back!?

  3. yogurtland is the best!!! Love soph xox


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