Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Computer crash

I just wanted to let anyone know (who is wondering why I haven't answered their email!!), that our PC has crashed!! Since we have been home it has has been having terrible hiccoughs and it finally gave up late yesterday...so all emails for the last week have been very hit and miss. I have gone to my service providers site and there are no emails there to recover..........so today the computer is off to the doctors. We are hoping it can be repaired as there is an awful lot of data and I haven't done a back up in quite some time (my fault I know and there are 1,000's of photos too!)

So feel free to email again and I am so sorry - I am not trying to ignore you!!

Meanwhile I will enjoy my little mac which thankfully has out latest trip photos on it......and share in some of our special time on tour in Oxford. Exeter College/Oxford University is where Morris studied. There were glimpses of him in the garden, the chapel and the rooms.....

 A bust of Tolkien who also studied at Exeter. And in fact Morris was quite possibly the catalyst for Tolkien writing the 'Lord of the Rings' series as you can read HERE

 I snuck this photo of a Rossetti look alike sitting quietly in the chapel......gosh there was an eerie resemblance........
 Larry sitting in the very seat that was to be the setting of the last tragic episode of Inspector Morse

 Some Acanthus under the tree........

SO that makes me feel a little better .........my fingers and toes are crossed that the computer and all its contents can be saved!

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