Tuesday, 13 November 2012

We lost Friday!

We are settled back home and surprisingly we are not jet-lagged. I was a little confused with my last blog though which said we were home on Friday Nov 9th!! In fact we left LAX on Thursday night and we didn't walk through our front door until late Saturday afternoon Nov 10th! It was a 15 hour flight - a 6 hour stopover and then another 2 hour flight home......so because of the 19 hour time difference we didn't even see Friday!! It is now late Monday evening so we have been home just over 48 hours...all make sense??

 The whole family were at the airport to meet us and then at home we were greeted with a delightful 'Welcome Home' display of balloons and streamers.....thanks guys xxx Then it was time for a pizza tea and catching up on the local news..............
 Of course the highlight was cuddles with Beau. When we left he couldn't even sit up on his own...now he is "commando" crawling and claps his hands and waves on command.......

Such is the life in the Hill household at the moment....................(the photo below shows Beau munching on a cruskit smeared with vegemite...just like all little Australians do!!) And for those of you who asked me..............here is the link to explain what Vegemite is!


  1. Welcome home Michele, 6 months is such a lond time to be away from home and there must be nothing like sleeping in your own home after such a long time. Hope to catch up soon. Terry

  2. You my dear are an international STAR along with Larry and now Beau. That little one is one adorable boy. Enjoy being home and thanks for all the sharing you do with your adoring fans, like me! Margaret in TX

  3. I even learned something about vegemite! Did not know about the beer connection. Sorry to miss your call, will get back to you.

  4. Thanks so much for Sharing your Wonderful Trip it was Great to follow.
    Glad you are home safe &sound...little Beau is becoming. Real Little Man.


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