Saturday, 17 November 2012

Calendar winners!

Thanks so much for your emails and blog comments...there were enough via blogger and email to give away FOUR calendars! So via email it was Pat and Karen who I have already contacted. Via the blog comments it was "Anonymous" and Sharon (who I have also contacted). So please "anon" can you send me an email so I know who you are and where to send the calendar - thanks!

Meanwhile I thought I would share some of the embroidery I am about to explore ....all done by May Morris. May was William's younger daughter and an extremely talented designer as well. She was also an expert embroiderer and became an advisor to the Royal School of Needlework. Her father made her head of the embroidery department at Morris and Co. at the age of 23. It was wonderful on the recent William Morris Tours to see some of her work up 'close and personal' and I know this is just the direction I have been wanting to go....lots more embroidery on my for now enjoy the delicious pictures.......(and remember you too can see them on the tours!!)


  1. I am your anonymous and thrilled. Margaret Foster I am emailing you my address. Thanks so much. YeePee

  2. Hi Michele, This is JA from Wagga, part of QWE. I may have been your other anon. I will happily place my order for your beautiful calender with Country Bumpkins. Got their newsletter the other day with your picture and your gold medal for your book. See told you you were worthy of No 1 on my patchwork Bucket list. xxx

  3. Opps, I may not be the anon after all, I just got all excited before I checked it out. Who ever it is, you will make us happy with such a lovely calendar. Margaret Sorry JA if I jumped the gun.

  4. Its okay girls....JulieAnn and Margaret....I will send you both a calendar! xx

  5. Thank you so much! Are you sewing on your new Bernina? What a great gift and you will certainly put it to good use. Hug Beau for me.


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