Saturday, 24 November 2012

Life in our house

We arrived home 2 weeks ago today but it sure seems a lot longer! Life has settled into some sense of order despite still not having my main computer! Hopefully that should be soon as it has been with the repair man for nearly a week. I think I have caught up with most people who were waiting for an email but I still need you to email me your address Pat so I can send you that calendar....the others are on their way on Monday. And to our William Morris tour friends.....the CD's I promised are still being prepared in time for Christmas!

I received the above photo a few hours ago.........Beau having fun at his house putting up the Christmas tree for the very first time! We have had the little man for 3 days already while Mum returns to some part-time nursing shifts, so inevitably the house furnishings have changed a little........

Christmas this year will be very exciting - so today I did a little bit of festive arranging and I might add this is weeks before I normally do it!

 The nodding Santa below belonged to my late Mum - she gave it a facelift and it is always a special feature with his nodding head........
Our family Santa is made of paper mache and I believe he was made in Germany in the early 1900's. I have looked on the internet and found 'Vintage Belsnickle Santas' that have the same base and shape.....I do recall Mum making a new hat, beard and fur trimming.....but ours does have the original tree with a new sack of presents.

So between catching up with friends and family I am also starting to work on a new idea for a range of fabrics with an Elizabethan influence - and of course the May Morris more of that later! I hope life is treating you well in "your neck of the woods" XX


  1. You had an amazing trip, but I know you are glad to be back home. Christmas is so much more fun with little ones around. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Our boys are 4 n 6 and our house looks like that all the time! But Christmas is so much more exciting when you know Santa is coming and start counting down in November! Love your decorations, so nice to have some with some history.

  3. I'm sure Xmas in your Family this year will be Extra Specail with Little Beau....Enjoy Michele.
    Looking forward to seeing your New Designs.


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