Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wool Applique progress

After an enjoyable weekend of tracing, cutting and basting I have all 16 blocks ready for embroidery.......
 I am very happy with the black linen background but I am now in a dilemma as I have nine urn blocks and seven wreath style blocks. And the bottom left hand block worries me....do I separate them and make two small wall hangings minus that block??

Maybe I will just go for it and put the whole bang lot together and I am thinking of covering the block seams in a nice bright ric-rac...what fun. I already have a bright striped binding ready to go as well. Below is my very first folk style quilt that I made in 1995 - so good to utilise these designs on a smaller scale and I can't believe that I designed the quilt 17 years ago. 15 years ago William Morris kind of took over and now May Morris is waiting in the wings!

So back to the wool appliqué - I am ready to start the fun bit - embroidery and beading with my handy little reference books ready to go and one of them I purchased 20 years ago!!

 Yesterday I had the most pleasant little creature come in the mail............

How lucky am I? This beautiful gift was lovingly made by one of the girls who came on one of the William Morris tours this year....thank-you so very much Denise and I can't believe you knew I have a thing about ladybirds!!
I hope the world is treating all of you well with some luck just around the corner too X

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  1. If you put all four that have that bright blue in the center, I think it will look better and then you can use all 16 blocks in one.
    Great job!


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