Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sunny Stratford??

The quilt show is all over so our adventures begin. Stratford-upon-Avon was our journey for the day. The weather report signalled torrential rain but we ventured forth.
The streets to the train station
And here we are in beautiful Stratford -
Larry found one of his favourite havens - the public library!
Shakespeare gift shop
And Shakespeare's home
And then the heavens opened!! Larry in the striped shirt doing his good deed and helping a young Mum with her children and pram! This was the only way to the train station so we just had to roll up the pants and go for it! The young Mum commented that we were obviously not locals as none of them would have helped her!

And then a final browse in Waterstone's -
those amazing British book shops.
Check out that ceiling!
And the grin says it all - He's never seen so
many Penguin classics in one place!
Larry says Hi to everyone in the SIU and
he hopes work isn't too demanding


  1. waterstones uses to be a bank hence the lush decor,did you see the Burn Jones stain glass windows in Birmingham cathedral. nice phots of two realy chuffed children


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