Monday, 30 August 2010

Castell Coch (and homesick)

We've hit the wall tonight - 2 weeks on and we are a little weary and homesick. Our youngest daughter Sophie (now 26!), has just been selected (with her team), as the state hip hop champions. Now they can go on to Melbourne in November for the National championship........
Sophie is in the white top with the headband. These friends just
got together for fun because they love to dance and it has paid off.
Congratulations guys and wish we could have been there XX What a trophy!
Anyway - back to the we explored Castell Coch. If you go to this link you can read the history and see a virtual tour
A real 'fairytale castle'
The walls in the drawing room are covered in scenes from Aesop's fables....just beautiful
And still more inspiration for quilt designs taken straight from the Middle Ages
Tomorrow we will be spending most of the day travelling to Liverpool


  1. I have really enjoyed your "tour" around Wales, Michelle. Lovely photos. Looks like you are having a marvellous time and drinking in all the sights.

  2. Big congratulations to Sophie! That's quite an achievment!


  3. Aww thanks Mum, wish you guys were here, but now we can share the finals together!! Soph xoxox


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