Saturday, 28 August 2010

Cardiff Castle

What a fantastic day at Cardiff Castle and I was shocked to see on my camera I took over 150 photos!! There are many quilt designs spinning in my head...........

And we did climb to the top of the original castle
Splendid ceilings in 24 carat gold leaf
A small part of the library
Ahhhhhh....quilt designs
And more
I can see why William Morris fell in love with medieval pattern

And at the end of the day a girl has to have a bit of retail therapy.
My thanks to Tim at Curzon Fabrics;
 who allowed this to happen by treating me with a bonus before I left - thankyou Tim!
The clothes are an eclectic mix of vintage and just like I was wearing in the 70's - yum, yum. The label is 'White Stuff' and their logo Happiness in every stitch. Gotta love that and their other logo "put the kettle on"! Check out their website;
They have been going for 25 years - I'm probably 30 years too old but none the less I indulged in a denim skirt, vest top and butterfly necklace....
Love their bags
And check out the patchwork tiled stairs to the dressing rooms

And more shops at night
I am definitely 30 years too old for this shop but check out their
window display - 180 antique sewing machines!!
And finally a tailor with style - William Morris shirt and tie (Larry said 'no thanks')


  1. What marvelous inspiration. Your photos are great!

  2. I love those patchwork tiles on the stairs!
    Thank you for sharing. Wonderful and inspiring photographs!

  3. So Glad that you are having an absolutely fantastic time. All that gorgeous pattern is breath taking. Wonderful photography. The Greens are so so Green and the gold Leaf ceiling Wow

  4. Michele, I love the way you shopped!


  5. Thanks girls! Off to St Fagans today


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