Sunday, 22 August 2010

Festival of Quilts Birmingham

What an amazing show it is! Had a lovely day with Lessa on Thursday sharing a long lunch and natter about it all! It is really like any other show but just a bit bigger and quite surreal to be in the UK!! Dinner on Thursday night was an experience for Larry as there were probably 3 men in the venue - but he sat through it all very patiently! Look what was lined up at the venue the night before the show started and this was just one row of this a sign of the times??!!
And they were put to good use....maybe we might have to hire these at home for our show!!
Now I am very conscious of not putting photos on the internet without the permission of the quilt makers so here are two special quilters who I am sure would be pleased - I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to meet them and get a picture!
Young Harry Lyons - the winner of the 9-11 year category and what a spectacular quilt!
He was so proud but not sure if he was sure about my accent!
And his sister - Helen Lyons who won the 12 - 16 yr category.
And to think we will be visiting these buildings in a few weeks -
WOW is all I could say to her effort!
And the Best of Show - unbelievable!
 Made by Kumiko Frydl / USA.
A miniature Mariner's compass with 128 points!!! It was truly breath taking

And look what I found in the show! The one above from Jeanette Orr, UK
and the one below Maggy Giorgetti, Luxembourg which was
chosen as the best quilt of that country and it was all needle-turned!
I do hope the quilt makers do not mind that I have shared these pictures 
And after being very nervous about teaching over here I have discovered that quilters are exactly the same across the world. I have shared time with quilters from Scotland, England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Ireland! So one more day of teaching and then our real holiday begins - stay tuned. (And love and hugs to all our friends and family that we miss)


  1. Are these quilts your "pattern"? If so did they get your permission to enter them in a public showing? Any way you look at it, I enjoy seeing them made. Thanks for showing

  2. Wow, these children are looking mighty proud of their quilt, as the should be! Great quilts, thanks for sharing.

  3. Michele, it was wonderful to meet you and Larry! Please, come again!


  4. What a strange feeling it must have been to see your patterns on the other side of the world!! Loving all the pictures :) xxx

  5. Hi Michelle, my name is Jeanette Orr and I lived in Australia for 27 years before coming back to the UK 4 years ago. I started the William Morris quilt while still there as it reminded me so much of England and I finished it in time to send it to Birmingham in 2010. I have only just discovered that you had it on your blog and was amazed! I had tried to find you when I was at Birmingham last year but failed, how sad. My mother had recently died and had given me all her beads which was why I used them on the quilt in her memory. I did give credit to you as the designer, it was written on the back.
    Maybe I'll catch up with you one day if you ever come back to any of the quilt shows here .
    I also saw another version of the same quilt done in Christmas fabrics at Paducah Kentucky earlier this year. If you haven't seen it I could dig out a photo I took and send you. Great pattern I enjoyed making it . regards Jeanette Orr


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