Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Come fly with me

As promised here is the 1st installment of our travels..........I think I am going to really struggle with restricting the number of photos though - I do love clicking!!
It was a long couple of days of flying but we have finally reached Birmingham. Travelling economy is not much fun but simply the only way we can - my goodness doesn't one feel like a peasant walking though the business class section first?!!
We stopped overnight in Hong Kong and had a day to capture some sights.
The best value hour cruising Hong Kong harbour
Had to go inside as the heavens were about to open
Still so much development going on and these footings have to be 40 metres deep!!
Working even when it's raining!
And a quick snap from our train - what a creative way of utilising space for the dearly departed

We are stopping over Hong Kong on the way home as well so have promised ourselves a night cruise to see the lights.
So for now we are very weary but glad to be able to settle for a few days. So stay tuned for stories from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham!

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  1. Michele,

    Hong Kong certainly is mind boggling, nothing like our "wide open spaces". What I find amazing is the chinese superstition that you need to be placed vertically or it will be eternal bad luck for the family!

    Have a great trip!


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