Sunday, 29 August 2010

St Fagans and Cardiff at night

We discovered that Cardiff comes alive at night.........
Even an Aussie bar and check out the size of Larry's calzone at the local Italian restaurant!

Today we spent 4 hours at St Fagans National History Museum -
thank you Kay for telling us to visit.
This outdoor museum is home to over 30 original buildings that have been moved from different parts of Wales and re-erected to demonstrate the history of life in Wales.
It starts with a house and kitchen from 2000 years ago!
A house from the 1600's (Larry's getting a little weary!)
Medieval church interior
And we got to the stores Kay
And this is why my rear end is wider than it should be - clotted Cornish cream too!
Even a fairy has got to have a rest!
He looked straight at me - a passer by even commented and couldn't
believe the eye contact this owl made with me - amazing!
St Fagan's castle dating back to the 1500's. Unfortunately I couldn't take photos inside but I did see a patchwork quilt on one of the beds and an original William Morris wallpaper  where the generations had redecorated during the 19th century
The gardens were stunning
And the dahlias were the size of a dinner plate!

On our way back from the bus station we discovered that punk is alive and well in Cardiff
And the 2012 Olympics are on the horizon.
Cadbury's is the snack sponsor and advertising has started.
And the seagulls here are massive and check out the Welsh dragons on the planters


  1. Too many scones and you will have topay excess baggae to come home!

    Glad to see you both enjoying yourselves, and I am enjoyint the trip from here!

    Judy B

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