Saturday, 6 May 2017

Taking a different path

Over the past few months I've been asked to teach in several new destinations and sadly I have had to decline. I've been trying to "retire" from teaching these past couple of years and now I know this path is right. It is 30 years since I started teaching casually (while nursing part-time), so it is time for others to take over. I've stopped the trips to the UK which was a decision made with a very heavy heart, but sometimes intuitively one's body tells you it is the right time. I suffer from angina on a daily basis now and a jolly ganglion in one of my wrists has returned after having it unsuccessfully removed 20 months ago. This week I took myself to a hand therapist to see if she could help as I can no longer rotary cut or hand stitch (or knit) for lengths of time without pain and numbness. I was very excited (and hopeful), to see a Bernina sewing machine set up in her room amongst other household items! Kathy specialises in hands and I thought how trivial my problem is when others have possibly lost all function. Disappointingly she informed me that I really need to have more surgery as it is now affecting the sensation in my finger tips, so I think I might have to learn to live with it as I fear it will just keep coming is really just a minor detail in the journey of life. But what a stunning Adelaide building that she has her practice in...........
So my very last teaching engagement in Australia is only 3 months away and this time for the delightful Marilyn in lovely Ulladulla.........and what great company we will have as I celebrate the occasion.......
I was also thrilled to receive notification last week that my classes are going ahead in October in New Zealand at Quilt Symposium 2017. I also heard recently that one of the William Morris in Adelaide tours is full... so there is time to register your interest for the others. Meanwhile I look forward to seeing some of you in my last classes or in Adelaide. So yes I am truly retiring from teaching.......I will never stop designing though and especially when one receives a text message from Curzon fabrics to tell me a package of lusciounsness is on its way.......
I am so excited about these fabrics returning as they have the pearl lustre I have yearned for and that we have not been able to get for a couple of years. Tim has worked tirelessly to find a fabric company that might print them so it is wonderful news - more of that very soon. Many of my Morris inspired quilts have featured this type of pearl print in the background and now my creative brain is running on overdrive with new the designing will never stop here at home! I've already set up my folder of images from our visit in 2010 to the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, Russia. You can read more about that on my blog posts HERE. Meanwhile this is some of where my inspiration will come from that will feature those delicious new fabrics......and this was just a small part of the intricate parquetry floor designs at the museum......

This week I received an email from Monika in Czechoslovakia sharing her beautiful quilt using blocks from the 'Floral Fantasy' quilt in my second book - More William Morris in AppliquéMonika told me this is her very first appliquéd quilt too - my gosh how wonderful!! She shared with me her quilt site that you can visit HEREwhere you will see more stunning images of the quilt (and I think she might be a long arm quilter too). Isn't it just gorgeous and I love, love her quilting.... Thankyou Monika.........

 I've tried hard to get out and walk each day and only a few days ago on our walk by the river we bumped into a group playing medieval games......

 What fun and further on our walk I discovered a casket hidden under a tree that I am sure was part of their took great resistance to not touch it!!.......
 We did notice it is very much the end of Summer as only 8 months ago this area was full of water and birdlife.........

I wonder who started building this house?........
This past week I have also managed to stitch Maisie two little pinafores with matching shoulder bags.....and one is just like Nanna's using that Ikea print!!
 So on a final note....Oh No.....not more roses!! You will be pleased to know that they are producing their final blooms and before long it will be pruning once again thanks for dropping by and hugs from the Hill household xx


  1. sorry you will be needing surgery for your wrist but then you will be able to function better right. Love the fabric and sure you will be designing some pretty nice things! Love seeing that version of Floral Fantasy

  2. In my mind roses are always welcome. My children and neighbors see no reason for a 20 foot climber.... but the hundreds and hundreds of roses that bloom each year are reason enough for me.

    You may not want more surgery but I would think on it. Get a different surgeon perhaps. No hurry but don't just write it off.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear your hand is playing up again. What a nuisance that must be. I had to visit a hand therapist last year and have learnt to vary the position of my hand underneath the quilt when I'm hand quilting (but that won't help your situation sadly). Isn't it frustrating when our bodies can't keep up with our minds!

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you design next, and gorgeous fabrics, would be just what i need for my Dear William background. Talk to you soon. xx

  5. I was sorry to read of hand issues, Michele. I have a little arthritis in the joints of my pointer fingers and slight carpal tunnel and have to do exercises to keep fingers and hands stretched. They work for me but I am always mindful of them esp. when knitting.
    So much inspiration and whatever you come up with will be wonderful, I know.
    Yes isn't that appliqued quilt breath-taking! So much talent too!

  6. So sorry to hear your health issues are continuing and hope retiring from teaching helps to give you more time for family and designing. Please continue with the rose photos as I love to see them. If you could include their scent too that would be divine. Sending healing hugs and thanks for all the inspiration you provide to the world of quilting.xx

  7. We are sorry to hear of your hand problems, but it will not curb your inspiration and artistry. It would be wonderful to see another Morris inspired book. I was delighted to see Cranford House, a dear friend of ours Jacqueline Munro-Ford lived in the house adjoining behind and her husband Dr Ronald Munro-Ford had his rooms in the front. Ken did his first on many building projects for her in Vincent St , the street which runs down the side. It bought back many memories of visits to the house and the unique friendship we shared.


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