Saturday, 27 May 2017

Show and tell with Kilmore Quilters

It was lovely to be invited to speak at Kilmore Quilter's special gathering and everyone was so welcoming and generous with their time….and lots of books sales too - thankyou, thankyou! The show and tell was full of Morris inspired quilts and I was so thrilled to see them all. One had to be quick to capture some of them and inevitably names now elude me - sorry girls but thankyou for bringing them all…………

  I feel so awful that I didn't have time to photograph everyone's quilt and catch everyone's name so please forgive me girls, but I did catch some quilt maker's names as I was sitting close by. This is Barbara who made the following two quilts……..(I hope!)

Marion produced these three stunners……..

 More wonderful Morris inspired quilts and others…….

 It is so nice to know that my designs have brought so much pleasure to others and it was nine years ago with Kilmore Quilters that I actually taught my very first design class encouraging others to create their own original designs. This is Patty with her lovely quilt inspired by ironwork in a cemetery…...
 and Lorraine was a wee bit excited that I adored her Renaissance quilt completely hand appliquéd and hand quilted……….
Thankyou so much for having me Kilmore quilters and to everyone for being such fun. Thanks also for allowing me to share my Beatrix Potter journey too. As I wind down my teaching and travel this is the last time I will be "appearing" in Victoria….next time it will be as a participant! Hugs to all and thanks for sharing x


  1. An amazing array of quilts there, well done to all the girls. xx

  2. so many wonderful quilts from your designs you must be really pleased when you see this.

  3. I have both of your books and one of your beautiful quilts is on my bucket list for sure. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts!!!

  4. What a treat to see all those lovely quilts. Thank you, Michele!

  5. What a beautiful show and tell!!


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