Monday, 22 May 2017

Melbourne Musings

We've been blessed with lovely Autumn weather these past few days but the rain is due tomorrow. As we sat in the station waiting for our Melbourne train we wondered if we were back in the UK as that was the only map we could see! But the clock reminded us where we really were……
 We were a little confused about which side of the track to go as there was only one side, but the train coming the other way pulls over to a side track letting the other one through. Larry and I couldn't recall seeing this very often during our travels. We always love visiting Melbourne as it has such a vibe and the bonus is that it is a great place to photograph……….

The stunning Royal Arcade……..

 One of my favourite places is the Block Arcade that is currently celebrating 125 years……...

Another "must visit" is to the delicious Morris & Sons wool and yarn shop - it is just like a lolly shop! Years ago their banner caught my eye (for obvious reasons!!), and I have made it a regular stop ever since. Today the window display was full of stunning Beth Russell William Morris needlepoint kits………..

 For me……..I was attracted to these little girls that I am now planning on making for little Maisie. I've already started a felt doll with wardrobe for her but I am sure these will be fun too………...

 The other mandatory stop that we always do is the Dymocks book store that is one of the very best and it just happens to be in the same centre. We stopped for lunch followed by book purchases for Maisie and Beau…..mostly for Maisie with her 3rd birthday approaching………
Larry is quite a book worm so he found some novels to keep him busy including a Virginia Woolf one. This store also always has the most wonderful array of William Morris pieces so this is my anniversary present from Larry…..a large teapot in the Golden Lily design……….
We did think of visiting the Van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria but it was quite late and the feet were telling us we had already done our 10,000+ steps….so instead an amble along the river as we headed back to the train station……...

 with another coffee stop on the way of course…….

 As we approached the train station several fire engines turned up with sirens blaring but it just turned out to be a rubbish bin on fire……just beyond comprehension why smokers throw their butts in a bin when there are specific smoker receptacles about. Larry commented on how many crew attended the scene reminding us of our changed world and thoughts of bombs, terror etc…...
 As we entered the station I was reminded of my anniversary gift in my bag as we were greeted with young lads sharing Twinings of London tea samples…and they had lovely english accents too! 
 Tomorrow we drive to Terang before two days of Beatrix Potter stitching on Wednesday and Thursday. More of that later x


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing xxx

  2. such interesting photos! love all the Morris designs on the floors I could see you taking photos and designs of quilts in your mind. Love the tea pot - will this be used for tea or just as a treasure? I would have a hard time to not use it. Love Dr. Seuss books - :) one year Mike had a business trip and I went along and found a Dr. Seuss museum - it was so interesting - it wasn't very large but it had very nice grounds with huge statues of some of the characters so many benches to sit and rest.

  3. Melbourne always looks good through your camera lens. But when I get there the noise and busyness of the place makes me glad to leave....after some decent shopping! Terang is a pretty part of the world, enjoy.

  4. Wonderful photos of Melbourne!! Its amazing how William Morris things are everywhere when you start looking. I love the Commit No Nuisance sign!!!


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