Sunday 2 June 2024

Tea, Toasties and Trips

 It's not even quite six weeks and I'm posting again! It seems to have been a jam packed few weeks and it is nice to share it with others. I'll start with the "Tea's" with the first being a High Tea with some friends last weekend  as we celebrated 50 years since we started our nursing training. The venue was the historic Mt Lofty House in the Adelaide Hills and it reminded me of the surrounds on some of our UK Morris tours.......

A few days ago I was guest speaker at a cancer fundraising Morning Tea event with the Port Elliot Patchworkers and these girls can certainly do a morning tea with Morris napkins included! 100 attended and it was a great honour to be a part of it all...............

My quilts are always glad to be taken out of the closet for a few hours too.......

The "Toasites" part is possibly because Larry just made me a toastie. The weather has finally turned chilly with the first day of Winter this weekend and boy it's been hard to keep toastie warm! We have had a very long dry spell and had we not received rain a few days ago it would have been the driest Autumn on record for our state......the full story is at this link; Rain finally arrives

Now to the "Trips" and there are a few to share. One weekend recently we made the long drive to Bordertown and back to celebrate our friend Judy's 70th birthday. It was a great thrill to be able to share it with her family and friends and was worth the drive.....for us that was a total of 7 hours driving in a day.......
We had an another trip to the city a few weekends ago as we'd been given tickets to an Adelaide Symphony  Orchestra concert. Our generous friends Lessa and Roger were unable to go and knowing Larry and I both love classical music thought we might enjoy the tickets and it did not disappoint. Our seats in the Adelaide Town Hall were amazing and the sounds spectacular with a guest conductor from Finland and guest pianist from Uzbekistan . The ASO has a diverse program and you can see more here; 2024 ASO Program
We also had a longer "Trip" of our own two weeks ago. We had 8 nights away enjoying a cabin at Cohuna a small town between Swan Hill and Echuca in Victoria. We travelled south (a 5 hour return journey), to catch up with quilting friends), so all up we travelled about 2,000 kms coming home via Renmark......
 These were the views from our cabin and it was very restful.......even Topsy our budgie came with us this time.......

On the road we saw some of the amazing Silo Art Trail and one day we celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary having lunch by the river in historic Echuca.......

Our good friends Faye and Kym are currently on a very long "Trip" travelling to Western Australia and they have already shared some amazing photos in the Kimberley and beyond. An amazing experience in the true outback of Australia and they will be away for about 3 months.......
Beau and Maisie and family are on their way back today from their "Trip" to Japan. Before they left I made Maisie a bag and purse to take with her and some zippered pouches for the others with their names appliquéd in Japanese on them but I only got a photo of Maisie's bag. What an incredible experience for them all and extra special as both Beau and Maisie studied Japanese at school. There have been many wonderful photos and we look forward to hearing all about their two weeks away.......

Yesterday I went on a much shorter "Trip" with some quilting friends to Goolwa to see an exhibition at the gallery Artworx. Five local artists have been selected to have their work placed in a NASA time capsule and sent to the moon. You can read more; HERE where it is explained that works are to be digitally miniaturised for the project. It is well worth visiting the exhibition and even more so to see Cheryl Bridgart's spectacular textile pieces up close. We all feel like Cheryl is one of us as we have known her so long and  she is such a kind and humble soul with incredible talent. Her work is all free hand machine embroidered and her distinctive style is in collections all over the world.........

Cheryl was also featured recently on this video so make a cuppa and have a look. It goes for about 23 minutes and is wonderful.......

Under my sewing machine right now is another quilt for palliative care. Both these quilts were pieced by our intrepid group leader Lessa, but with Faye travelling it means she isn't around to quilt them, so here they are on my much smaller machine........
So that is it until next time......take good care wherever you are x


  1. So Lovely to hear of your travels, Michele. Reminds me of our wonderful journeys together to the UK. Hope everyone is well. Xxxx Anne Byrnes

  2. Thankyou for sharing the pictures wonderful to hear what you have been up to. Stay well.
    All good here in Myrtleford same it is extremely dry great to have 50mls rain the other night.
    Cheers Dianne

  3. Thanks for the update dear Michele. Delighted to read of your adventures. Hugs

  4. What a fabulous post! There aren't many post where I've spent close to an hour reading. Cheryl is truly a magnificent artist.Thank you so much for all the news. BBlBlessings to you

  5. Thank you sew much for sharing all your "trip" photos & stories & gatherings with various friends. Glad that you're "up & about" once again!

  6. It was a delightful day at Pt Elliott and catching up with you, the morning tea was truly delicious the girls there know how to spoil us. The weather was perfect, as usual your talk was great and your quilts, what can I say about them, there are no words to describe how exquisite they are.

  7. Oh my goodness what great pictures you share - love the silo murals I have seen some from other blogs but not these in particular and the outback love it so beautiful. Nice high tea - so fancy bet one doesn't do that every day. Congratulations on your 46th I have you beat by a little will have our 52 soon. Where do the years disappear I bet you think that too. Hope all is well - looks like it is.

  8. Lovely to read about all your adventures Michele.

  9. Great reading! Thanks for sharing your photos & excursions.

  10. Some lovely photos there Michele, and thankyou very much for driving 7 hours to share my celebrations. It was very special to have you and Larry there.


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