Saturday, 27 May 2017

Travels continue

Yesterday was a chilly 12C as we headed east once again…….

We've done about 1,500 kms since leaving home travelling to Geelong first then heading west back towards home to Terang. Yesterday it was back in our previous steps driving east once again but then up north to Kilmore…….

 Along the way we noticed some wonderful wildflowers on the side of the road………

 Our lunch stop at Bacchus Marsh was with Dot and Tony and it was lovely to see them and their beautiful garden again……….

 Larry immediately made himself at home and the bonus was being able to talk football with Tony!……..
 Several birds came for their lunch as well…….
 and these are Dot's final Pierre de Ronsard rose blooms before winter sets in……….
 Thankyou Dot and Tony for such a delicious lunch and as always your company x A short while later we arrived in Kilmore to a home full of style and charm and first up a real cup of tea in fine china……..
 Larry and I have our own room (which we love!), and we are surrounded with the most exquisite quilts…….
 I won't mention names but I do have to say this stitcher makes the most amazing quilts…most of them hand pieced and with a timeless charm. Every corner is filled with visual delights…….. 
 There is even a quilt in the guest bathroom……...
 Our mutual love of Morris keeps me company beside my bed……...
 Every window has a view to the lovely gardens and the pittosporum hedge hides the fence so well - it all reminds me of the grand gardens of the UK. A small blue wren came to the window but when I went outside it had gone……..

 The lady of the house also has a butler's pantry off her kitchen…….

 I'm not really sure I really want to go home tomorrow as I am enjoying the feeling of being in a chapter of a glossy home magazine! We are being so well looked after with fine wine and amazing food……thanks guys! Today we had a wonderful day with 139 quilters driving from far and wide so I will share the wonderful show and tell in a following post


  1. such a beautiful setting for all these quilts - magnificent! you have had some great places to visit this trip

  2. I enjoy reading your posts, Michele. Re the 'wonderful wildflowers by the side of the road' pictured above, - one is Correa reflexa, a very reliable native for the garden, and the three with tiny bright pink bells are Epacris impressa, Pink Heath the floral emblem of Victoria. Lovely pics! Jill A.

  3. I am in awe of all the beautiful in the post!! Every photo is a feast for the eyes. Those gorgeous quilts would have been a joy to see in real life, and the gardens.. Thank you for taking us along on your travels.


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