Thursday, 18 May 2017

On the Road Again

Larry and I are back on the road and after seven hours (with lots of stops!), we have arrived in Hamilton, Victoria for the night with our final destination tomorrow being Geelong so we can join Geelong Quilters' on Saturday for their quilt-in. Do check their website if you are planning on coming as the venue has changed - it is now the Geelong West Town Hall where I am going to share our 2016 Beatrix Potter adventure in the UK…….be great to see you!  So for now a little of our journey. The skies were very grey today with a little rain but the drive was trouble free. It was lovely to stop for a morning coffee to see the finished Silo Art Work at Coonalpyn….

 I am forever shrieking (those that know me well are now having a giggle I know!!)…..anyway dear Larry is often asked nicely if we can pull over for photos by yours truly…this time to see the native fauna! The yackas are amazing but I just love the faces of the banksia…just like those "Big Bad Banksia Men", the villains in May Gibbs delightful tales……….

 Another quick stop to see these fabulous tree sculptures celebrating Mary MacKillop and Father Woods just outside of Penola………...

 Quite incredible the distances Father Wood travelled and in such harsh times in the mid 1800's. And a sideline to that is a little William Morris connection….it was Robert and Joanna Barr Smith from Adelaide who financially supported Mary MacKillop and her endeavours particularly with setting up a school at Penola. Speaking of this special couple…I was thrilled to receive an email from Karen and Susie yesterday sharing the story on the Moda Blog site about a new collaboration with the V&A Museum in London to create these beautiful new Morris inspired fabrics…….
 But more importantly in the middle of the article is a photo of Robert and Joanna……….
We will be seeing that very same room and learning more about this couple on our William Morris in Adelaide Tours next year! So back to our journey today……...

 Driving through the vineyards of the Coonawarra Wine region is always wonderful particularly this time of year when the vines are glowing in reds and yellows…my shriek in the car wasn't quick enough so a quick shot as we sped by………..
 Another stop in Penola where there are still roses blooming and yarn bombing a plenty……..

 And if only there was a smell button on the blog so you could smell this pink rose! It is a little sodden from the rain but the perfume was a combination of old english rose with a touch of citrus….just divine……...
and I think these are nerrines……….100's of them……..
 Another shriek from the passenger and a quick image of this gorgeous rosella……..(And I will state for the record I did the first few hours of driving this morning!)…...
We are about to toddle into town and find some tea… till then thanks for dropping by x


  1. As usual, a complete delight when you post. Lovely countryside and art work. I wish I were right there shricking
    with you. Thanks for starting my day.

  2. I just love seeing all the photos from your travels across the country - you & Larry sound like us - we can travel 7 hours and it will take 12 because of all the stops along the way looking at things. Those silo's! love them amazing what can become art - the chairs and table with yarn what a great idea. Do have fun at your talk today and sharing all your wonderful photos I hope. Glad you liked the link to the fabric - I really do think I will be making the splurge and getting this bundle when it comes out - the last time I though I had selected the right fabric to make one of your quilts I kept putting it off and putting it off while working on other projects and now it is gone. I will get this one before it disappears

  3. More beautiful photos, the silos art is amazing. Love seeing the banksia men through your lens, I can really see them!


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