Monday, 11 August 2014

Sunday showers

Today we experienced four seasons in one - from sun, to thunder, wild wind and then sun again. The morning was a "free" morning for us - some had an early service in St Georges for me? Well I needed to catch up on a little sleep deprivation and that was wonderful. So after breakfast I had a stroll around Windsor.....

I would have loved to bring home some more cushions or perhaps a Strawberry thief tapestry or even a Lady and the Unicorn one......but restraint was in order so a photo instead!
 We all gathered in the hotel library while waiting for our "chauffeur" Isabel....and some members being dedicated stitchers every spare moment was put to good use......

 Our destination today -  Kew Royal Botanical gardens. We split into two groups and I was lucky to be in the group visiting the glasshouses because the black clouds turned quickly into thunder with the heavens opening in full force!  The other group apparently gathered under a large tree and with lightening overhead that must have been quite frightening! So a few images of our ambles around the gardens and I am pleased to say that quite quickly the sun shone again.......

 An appropriate name as those spiky leaves do look "horridus"!

 We are standing under an enormous canopy - an elm planted in 1846!

 So now I am heading off to dinner with thoughts of more exciting adventures to share tomorrow x

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  1. Fabulous photos. How could you not buy at least one cushion!!!!!!!!!!


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