Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Stunning Standen

The highlight for me today was Standen but before that some views of our morning. We started with a tour of Emery Walker's house where we had an exclusive treat.....Helen managed to get permission to photograph the amazing bed cover. Emery had a very strong connection to May Morris and of course her father William.....you can read more on the link.......

 After lunch we had another informative talk focusing on May Morris and her embroideries at the premises of the William Morris Society .......Kelmscott House where her father died.......

 Our trip to Standen should have taken just over an hour but instead it took over two but nevertheless we had an amazing tour and the big bonus is being able to take photos inside!.....
 Standen is an Arts and Crafts home built by Philip Webb and furnished with William Morris textiles and Philip Webb furniture.......

 What ingenious little dishes clipped on to the main plate for collecting pips etc and from the brilliant Philip Webb again.......

 Our evening was topped off with the most delicious Standen supper and another highlight for me....warm berry crumble!....

 Another wonderful Morris filled day with lovely friends. I will end with a photo I took last night near our hotel.........so night night for now (or maybe good morning in your part of the world!) x


  1. Michele - thank you so very much for sharing with those of us that are so far away - yet admire the wonderful creations of WM. it is so appreciated...

  2. I just adore that honeysuckle fire screen. What a fabulous central panel that would make to a quilt with a combined floral vine border! I'm inspired by all your photos, I can't imagine what it would be like see all this in the flesh. I think I'd be positively squealing and my brai. Would ache from all the new ideas,

    Loving following you all on this great trip.


    Neil C

  3. I'm so enjoying your posts of the tours. It's like being there. The embroideries in this one are so fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm learning a lot.

  4. so wonderful you are sharing your tour. Amazing photos, brilliant embroidery!
    I see a book on the horizon.
    Love Nydia&Ken


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