Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A final day in 'old blighty'

Today is my last full day in the UK so I decided to spend it in London. I did have an ulterior motive as I needed to chase up my quilt which was being sent to the Society of Antiquaries from Australia. The quilt arrived in the UK 8 days ago and sadly it still hasn't shown up but I am hopeful it will soon. This is one of my William Morris quilts which I am hoping will reach a nice sum of money towards the restorations that are needed at Kelmscott Manor when the Society has their silent auction in September - I will keep you posted! So here is a record of my farewell journey today….(and I must have walked about 10kms!!)……
 From Windsor to Waterloo…..
 and then the long walk began………..

 Our regular lunch Larry!…..

 And here is the society right next to the Royal Academy…very appropriate…….

 A last visit to Liberty…...

 Captain Cook…...

 a final glimpse of Buckingham Palace…...

 The crowds of people in London this visit have been astronomical and the queues for the London eye went for miles. I heard today that just this year there have been 19 million visitors to the UK - and I guess I am one of them!

 My other purpose to visit London today was to record the incredible poppy display at the Tower and I wasn't disappointed. You can read more about this WW1 commemorative installation HERE…….

 So it has been a day to remember and for more reasons than one. While I have been over here I have made a very big decision and I am glad I could do it with Helen 'face to face'. As many of you know I have had a few health issues these past few years and this trip has certainly been a challenge for me. So it is with this in mind that I have decided that this will be my last trip to the UK. It is not only for my health but it is time to spend more moments at home with those special little ones and of course the whole family. Life is short and we need to make the most of precious times with those we love. But do stay tuned to Helen's website in particular for her future tours…...Whitecroft tours. The experience has been incredible and I have been blessed and so lucky to do things that many can't. So thanks for sharing in my journeys and see you at home!


  1. Michelle , it has been wonderful travelling with you through your blog posts. Thank you for all of the wonderful photographs and insights into all things Morris. Have a safe trip home

  2. Miss you and can't wait to see you!! xo

  3. Sorry to miss you is morning. Kerry is to give you a big hug from us. We are safely perched at Heathrow, coffee at hand. Safe travels to you later today. Love to Larry!

  4. Michele. Thank you for sharing your love of William Morris with us and thank you so much for all your superb photos of my beloved country. I treasure our meeting whilst you were over here. As you say, life is short and precious so bon voyage and safe journey back to Australia and your dear Larry and family.
    Happy quilting
    Your UK stalker.
    Maureen XX

  5. Hello Michele dear,

    Thank you for making the Keeping the Genuis Alive tour so enjoyable, and for your fabulous photographs which made me feel part of the following tour which took in Windsor Castle. Life is to be valued, have a super time with your Family, Bon Voyage. Affectionately, Yasmin Vandyke

  6. I have had such a wonderful time reading your post and getting to know more about WM and the UK. I understand about staying home. I came to that same decision in 2005 for the very same reasons. Life is too short not to. Hope your quilt gets there!

  7. Incredible set of pictures this glad you posted them ALL.
    I am sad you will not be going again but look forward to the next adventure where ever it is.


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