Thursday, 31 July 2014

William at Wightwick

Wightwick Manor is full of William Morris furnishings but sadly it is one of those properties where no internal photos are allowed. I was really thrilled to see the hand drawings by Philip Webb for Morris's Forest tapestry. The tapestry is also currently on loan from the V&A so it was splendid to see it displayed next to the drawings. These original drawings were found in Compton Hall and a major fundraiser was established to purchase them last year - only 200,00 pounds required and they did it! (The only one missing is the peacock). You can see the story and drawings at this link by clicking here and this is the tapestry photo from the V&A site......
Despite no photos inside I still managed to capture the day outside........

 No comment for the image below......(!!)...but a girl just had to take home the lion tapestry cushion to keep the hare one at home company didn't she??!!
 We also stopped by a small quilt shop White Cottage Country Crafts - and here are the cakes Larry!!
 Tomorrow is my favourite day where we visit Kelmscott stay tuned x


  1. Oh, your posts bring back memories! We are packed and fly over tomorrow. Be seeing you in a week!!!

  2. I'm loving your photos ( and your journey ). That bat is hilarious.( Why a bat? I wonder? )

  3. love your photos as always! the flowers are gorgeous and the cake looks divine - fireplace to keep the atmosphere right? We will be settling in front of a campfire soon on our trip to the north - it always adds something to the evening.

  4. The bat and the owl must be for Ken- we have had a few worrying issues lately re the sale next door and your images lifted his spirits this morning. Your blog is so worthwhile. He is so inspired by the creatures, that we will soon have some similar here. Snow is forecast tomorrow.


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