Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Another Morris journey soon to begin

In a few short hours we have to get up at the unearthly hour of 2.30am to get to the airport by 4.30am! I am not sure how the body will go being sent to bed at 8pm! It is going to be hard leaving this time with Larry not coming and leaving the family behind but "the show must go on" and I am so very lucky to be given this amazing opportunity. But before I go I just needed to share some stories and photos. Wendy from Queensland recently emailed me to tell me about her group having a quilt show with a display honouring William Morris. I had a search on the internet and found that Henzell Street Quilters have been going for 30 years this year…...the same length of time as my very own state Guild. Anyway Wendy went to the trouble of sending me a USB full of photos of some of her Morris inspired quilts. I love the men folk doing the holding up……

 Wendy even sent me a copy of the laminated flyer from the show…….
 Thank-you so much Wendy - I am glad that the quilts have brought you joy making them as well xx
I also received an email from Dot who came on a Morris tour a couple of years ago. Her group Bacchus Marsh Friendship Quilters (who I feel I know so well!), also had a recent event….."Morning Tea with William"…..how wonderful! Another member Lyn also came on the tour so Dot and Lyn shared some of their Morris treasures from the UK tour as well. And of course there were lots of Morris inspired quilts too…….just wonderful!

 Three stunning versions of "Morris Magic"……..



 I was so sorry I couldn't be there to share in it all especially the scones! Thanks Dot and everyone for sharing this wonderful event xx
 These are the latest photos of Miss Maisie going home from hospital and only 4 days after Emily had given birth by caesarian too! 
And Brett posted this image titled "My little china doll"…….
Our darling Maisie has a little hurdle to get through with some tests coming up so I am just grateful that ongoing news is only an email away. So next time you hear from me I will be on the other side of the world. Stay safe and take care wherever you are….as I will too! xx


  1. Safe travels Michele, and try not to worry about the goings on back home...

  2. Have a wonderful time Michele. You will miss the new little one but won't be long till you are back again.

  3. have a good trip - you will be back home to cuddle that new baby before you know it. All well be fine!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks! Hard to leave the angelic Maisie... what sweet photos,you shared. Hoping to see more in UK. Travel safe, and see you soon.

  5. Love the term "men folk".

    the quilts are so beautiful

    and that Grandson that looks just like you....


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