Friday, 25 July 2014

Back in 'old blighty'

The long journey from Australia finally came to an end when I stepped on UK soil at 5am. We were the first international flight to land at Heathrow so I was through security and customs in less than 15 minutes.....and a long journey it was! In total it took me 32 hours to get here with a very long and drawn out 10 hour wait in Hong Kong for the London connection. Flying with a chest and head cold is not the best but at least it cleared out the sinuses! It is never an easy journey, but being picked up by a charming driver at Heathrow made my spirits lift quickly......and soon there were the familiar sites and that lovely Cotswold stone. I am staying here for two nights and of course they were unable to check me in at 7am! So instead a strong coffee in one of their lounges and then a wee nap on the couch..............

My room is in a converted loft and just charming and the bath the best...........

 While I was waiting for my room to be prepared and after that 'wee nap' I took my first wander to visit some familiar sites. Larry and I both loved Moreton-in-Marsh .......

We always love it when there is a laundromat nearby too.......
 and another familiar walk for you Larry...........

 I am not sure if I was due to have breakfast, lunch or tea so brunch it was - mind you I could only eat half of it and the thought of a scone and clotted cream didn't even tempt me! Amazing how antibiotics and jet-lag can make one lose their appetite!
 This is the gorgeous hotel where we will all be staying for 10 nights on the William Morris tour which starts on Saturday....can't wait!

 The attire for the day was hats, shorts and sandals and it is so warm! I left my sandals at home having left a very cold winter......
 Tomorrow I am giving a talk at The Pudding Club in Mickleton all about Adelaide, South Australia and our amazing William Morris collection - so wish me well!


  1. By now you will have had dinner and be ready to sleep. The photos are lovely and charming.

  2. Fabulous photos. Hope you are feeling better soon. All the best with your talk. Weather looks great, cloudy, showery and cold here in Auckland NZ

  3. looks like a beautiful charming place to be - nice you could take a little nap on the couch until you could check in! hope you get to feeling better soon.

  4. Hope you are feeling better by the weekend, love the photos, those villages must be beautiful.

  5. Get well soon, glad you arrived safe, and look forward to "travelling" with you Michele.

  6. We have been waiting for this years photos. Brilliant as always. Outside there is thick fog, so it is wonderful to see the colourful photos, especially the flowers. Hoping the cold abates soon and you can enjoy the trip being less tired.
    The weather looks spectacular. Hopefully the extra spending money will be used for some special things.

  7. Hope you wake up with that cold all gone. What a trouper you are to travel 32 hours with a cold and sore throat. The tour looks heavenly already.


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