Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A treat from a Lord!

Today we visited Buscot Park - the home of Lord Faringdon and as a special treat he offered to be our tour guide....and what a treat that was! His gracious hospitality and his wit and humour were well received by us all.........and the red socks such fun!

It was a treat to see Lord Faringdon's reproduction US house as well......something that we haven't had access to on previous visits........

 I think some of our group were quite taken with him too!.....

 The highlight for me is always the saloon and the Burne-Jones Briar Rose Helen's words I get the vapours in this room and to photograph it all was such an honour......

 Lord Faringdon even took the rope barriers down and invited us to "plonk ourselves down". By now Helen and I were just gobsmacked!
 A Kelmscott Manor painting in a bedroom complete with Janey Morris overlooking proceedings.......

 Another of those joyous scenes......can you quite believe it?!......a Lord greeting us in his grandest of homes and telling us that the seats are for sitting! I am not so sure what the National trust staff were thinking but gosh we were and will be grateful for this life long memory......
 Our house tour was followed by an informative lecture in the estate's theatre and presented with style by Denis Moriarty - an Oxford graduate with an interest in fine arts and of course William Morris. As always it was lovely to see him again and spend time chatting over lunch.

My final task was to visit the new obelisk sundial made to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee......

 So another great day...stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow x 
(And thanks to you all for your kind I am starting to feel human again and being the last day of two courses of antibiotics I think I should be!)


  1. What a wonderful experience! Must visit that property when next in the UK. Won't have such a special experience as you. So glad you are feeling better.

  2. so pretty - in one of your first photos is a garden with oriental statues - I think that was in a movie once - I don't remember which but it looks so familiar

  3. what a treat Michele, glad there are still opportunities for you to be "gobbsmacked" on the tour.

  4. what a treat Michele, glad there are still opportunities for you to be "gobbsmacked" on the tour.

  5. What a treat your shared with us! So glad to hear you are starting to feel normal again. Can't wait until tomorrow.

  6. So lucky to have the Lord as your personal tour guide, it must have been fun, I love the Lord's red socks :)

  7. Wow -life is so full of surprises-stunning photos as always.
    Love the red socks, ken especially; he has a drawer full of "happy socks" from Corrymor in Devon and the Odd Sock Co in the US.
    Such an amazing adventure and it is so good you are feeling better.
    The thorngrovians.

  8. Michele - I would get the vapours in that room too - I would however make sure that there was a chaise longue you could swoon onto that wasn't going to give the National Trust an apoplectic fit should you touch it!

    WOW such wonderful works of art and what wonderful weather. Glad to hear that you are on the mend. So enjoying all your entries.


    Neil C

  9. I won't quiz you on each photo, but I am interested in two items. Why are the terra cotta soldiers on this property? and why did this Lord have a US reproduction house?

    Great pictures of the flowers and the best picture of the gardener following!!! As always a real treat for us when you are on tour.

  10. Wow, how lucky to be shown around by Lord Farrington and get to plonk down in the house, I am seriously envious! By the way, according to a play I saw at primary school, only bunyips wear red socks.


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