Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Stitching in the Cotswolds

Just a quick post.......today was workshop day where we spent the day stitching, nattering and of course eating in the hotel. Everything was on hand and the day finished with a BBQ.

 Our "classroom" is through those open doors........

Each of our rooms has a teddy on the bed.....mine prefers the view from my window............
...and 'hanging out the window' for a better view.........
 and there is the bear looking up from outside...........
 We had perfect weather this evening for a BBQ..........

Thankyou Helen for getting on the other end of my lens so that those of you at home can see I am really here and yes I am wearing those Morris shirts I made!

More tomorrow x


  1. Looks great Michele. The desserts look good too!

  2. a fancy BBQ - love the looks of those desserts :)

  3. Beautiful and elegant in all ways. Did miss a peak of the "project" that kept you in house that day.


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