Saturday, 26 July 2014

Sunshine and history

The heat continues in the Cotswolds and sadly so does my coughing! I've started the second course of antibiotics today so I am hoping that will finally send this awful bug to hades and gives me back my lost hearing as well! But despite that it was a lovely day yesterday. I leave the White Hart Hotel today and join our friends at 'home base' up the road. My stay has been restful and the history just fascinating. The hotel was once a coaching inn and Charles 1 sheltered here from a battle in 1644. The King's unpaid bill is on display in reception and lots of other memorabilia. The walk way through reception is in fact the original cobblestone lane...........
and this is the reception desk....... (I know you will love this one Kenneth and Nydia!)
I managed to get through my talk despite coughing and it was lovely to meet so many - including a couple of Australians on holiday and a group of British quilters! This was the venue which we return to on Sunday........

And here she is.....our gorgeous tour organiser Helen and as always waiting with open arms good to be back Helen and thanks for driving up to meet and support me xx 

I was secretly hoping that this would be on the menu seeing as it is Summer here and we were at the Pudding Club........and summer pudding it was! Just delicious but sadly I could not finish it........
We met with some of our early tour guests last night but some are unfortunately stuck in London due to a train line delay. One can only hope that is rectified today as I cannot imagine how tired they must all be feeling after travelling from far and wide without a bed for the night. Hope to have all us together later today as we start our next William Morris Journey. I am feeling a tad excited right now as I am about to Skype Larry for the first time at home.....hope the tears don't spoil it! Till next time xx


  1. sorry that you are still feeling so sick, I hope this medication you have brought along with you will kick it out. Beautiful photos, hard to have fun when you are not feeling well.

  2. I too, hope you are feeling well again soon Michelle. Looking at those cobblestones and thinking they would be really uncomfortable to walk on for any distance, and mmmm, Summer Pudding, I have always wanted to make that, must put it on the list for this summer.

  3. Always stunning photos, you must come and take some better quilt images on your return. We hope you feel better soon-at least you have some sunshine!

    Yes we love the wood carving- will look forward to the next instalment soon.
    Love Nydia & Kenneth

  4. Don't miss any pills. Michele - a complete course to get over this bug! Thanks for all the wonderful photos and sharing with us.


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