Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Final Bedford kit sale

I have some incredible news to share ……..I have just heard that the Bedford Mystery Quilt Challenge has raised a massive $95,000 in just a few months and all for the benefit of assisting adults with a disability………fantastic effort all in the name of quilting!
The big news is that you too could be a part of it all by purchasing one of the last 50 kits left……the aim is to reach $100,000 so click on this link to find out how you can help. The kit is a pre-cut quilt top with full instructions and all for a great cause. Here is Faye volunteering once again for a marathon class….. and also with her well deserved Lut Da Award that she received recently for her efforts with the project….. 
 One of many mammoth classes……..
and about to hit the road for yet another class with Lessa and Kay……….
Well done once again to all the cutters, the kit packers and handlers, the teachers and many more…….this is the final chapter in this project…well so I am told but I have heard that before! So if you would like a quilt top all cut and prepared for you just click on the link. Well done once again Faye and Lessa! Back in the Hill household I've been preparing kits of a different kind for the William and May Morris tours which start in just over 2 weeks……

This week I also received photos from Thorngrove Manor to show me the Thorngrove quilt finally 'at home' in the King's Chamber…….

Thankyou Nydia for the photos and for allowing me to share them x 
And finally some photos I will take with me overseas…gosh I will miss him. This is taken only 2 nights ago having a bath at our place and I have heard today Beau is miserable with a very bad cold….my goodness they can get so sick so fast. He sure melts our hearts and it is lovely to know he enjoys our company so much - we will make the most of it while it lasts!
The next time I write I will have news of a new playmate for him!


  1. love seeing the quilt in all it's glory! fantastic - have a good trip

  2. The quilt looks fantastic in its new home...the photographer must have a big ladder!
    So hope GS1 feels better soon, in time to welcome his new sibling. Safe travels.

  3. The quilt looks very much at home in it's new home. Well done, Michele.

  4. Also well done to the Bedford helpers ... but I hope that photo of them about to head off to a retreat wasn't taken this week, or we should be sending out emergency crews to thaw them out!


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