Saturday, 19 April 2014

Back to reality

What a week of emotions…….thanks to each and everyone of you for your kind wishes via email, the blog, the post and text messages……and a phone call or two! Thanks so, so much! I am still in shock but very humbled at receiving the Rajah award so for now it is back to business! I am hoping I have the tenacity to maybe do another book one day but for now I have a special quilt to design and make before July for this amazing place - Thorngrove Manor. It means my head will be down for about 3 months but hopefully there will be time to recharge the batteries. Today was a very special day as we took little Beau on his very first steam train ride. Larry decided to let me indulge myself as he knows how much I love trains…especially steam ones. Today is Easter Saturday and both Emily and Brett were working so we were on childcare duties. The day started with a bit of an Easter hunt at home……

And then we drove to Victor Harbor where Sophie and Tim are having a long weekend away. Sophie needed a 'Beau hug' so we started with that at the playground…...
and then Beau told "Auntie Dee Dee" that he would catch her at the bottom of the slippery dip…...

Lunch was a 'no go' for Beau but ice-cream always scores high…….
And then it was the train ride on the Duke of Edinburgh 621 steam train from Victor Harbor to Goolwa. Larry met us with the car at the other end so it was just Beau and his Nanna and five carriages full of excited children! This train was completed in the 1930's and then restored in the 1970's. There are quite a few amateur videos on the internet and this is just one of them and it has great views of our journey……I get goosebumps and teary eyes whenever I hear the steam train whistle!
Our journey took half an hour and Beau was so excited! At one stage he had hold of some train leaflets I found at the station and looked up at me lovingly and simply said…."Thankyou Nanna"…..

 On the way home we drove past a much needed photo - Woo Hoo….finally SOLD!! So a great day was had by all!
I hope that wherever you are you can enjoy the Easter break in the way that you choose. Over the next few weeks I will also be doing some step by step reviews of the embroidered corners on that new Mughal inspired quilt. So till then - take care x


  1. congratulations on the condo selling! I know you have hoped for this for awhile. I looked at the link you gave for the place you are designing a quilt for - magnificent! wow what a place - if you are some day able to post a photo of your quilt in the location it will be will be something I would love to see.
    happy easter

  2. Congrats again, Michele, for winning the Rajah Award. I took my 3 yr old grandson on a train ride - it was a model steam train here in our town. He loved it! We had to go twice around - takes about 25 minutes. Looking forward to your new quilt.
    And congrats too on that sale! Woohoo!

  3. Congratulations on your Raja award ( what good company you keep!) and on selling the house...great start to the year, hope it just keeps getting better. In our house the boys are the train loves and we just indulge their passion, but I have to admit to dragging the kids to the Lego movie, so I could indulge myself! So nice that you can enjoy a love of trains with Beau and that he appreciates it!

  4. Congratulations Michele, on winning the Rajah award it was well deserved and selling your Townhouse. All topped off having a lovely day with your dear little grandson. Cheers Bernadette

  5. What a lovely post. So many wonderful things happening in your life these days. So happy for you!


  6. such great blog messages! Congratulations on what must be a wonderful honor for you. I got tickled when I read the "Thank you, Nanna from your grandson, I knew what ever these little people say to us thrills our hearts! I look forward to reading more. Diane Sanford, Franklin, TN, USA


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