Thursday, 3 April 2014

Things I can't have!

Sometimes there are things we just can't get our hands on 'Down Under' in Australia…….the William Morris Society of Canada recently celebrated William's birthday with this delicious cake………
How I would love one of these for my 60th  birthday in a couple of years! Visit the website to see more Morris cakes - she calls herself Blog Princess and what amazing talent! 

I received an email some weeks back from an architect in New York…as you do!! Gary Paul Incorporated builds stunning homes with some of them having an Arts and Crafts influence. Gary was enquiring about my fabrics and if they would be suitable for interior decorating. How divine….see more on his website…..
He has a most impressive CV and many rooms on the site are to die for.…this kitchen for a start….
and then maybe one of these bathrooms…..
 We are getting new lights put in the family room and kitchen very soon (the benefits of one of our daughter's partners being an electrician!). But I can't find any of these style lights anywhere locally so again "I can't have" because they all come from overseas……..

 And finally just for fun how about one of these sofas or chairs……all from overseas again. Kelly Swallow in the UK….
Or Portobello Street from Spain…….
So many inspiring craftspeople out there……..I wonder if I could ask for the miner's couch back from my brother? I sadly surrended it when we downsized to the townhouse…but now we have upsized again…maybe, just maybe - I think not! This couch is from a British upholsterer - Wheathills. Maybe they would ship it to me after all I used to be a Wheaton and now I am a Hill…Wheathill's??…there must be a connection!!….
Well I have spent far too much time dreaming on the computer….back to work for me!


  1. lol, you sound like me - always dreaming of things I can't afford or get!

  2. You have to dream sometime Michele, and why couldn't you have a cake like that for your 60th? I am sure someone, somewhere could make one like it, but might just cost a "pretty penny". Maybe you could take up cake decorating in your spare time?? Just Kidding.

  3. I only ever buy things I cannot afford. Robert Kitto lighting has some amazing hanging lights-check out here website. I could get a quote for you if there is anything you like

  4. My first thought when I saw that fabulous cake (before reading any of your post) was "that quilt would make a great cake"  and then I saw that it was a cake, I'm quite sure that you will be getting something similar for your birthday Michelle :)

    Have you had a look at Recollections in Grote St, they have lights with a similar sort of vibe to those pictured.


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