Monday, 7 April 2014

Hawkesbury Quilters go out with a bang!

The theme for the Hawkesbury Quilters 23rd annual retreat was "The Big Bang" so I had a feeling in my bones that the girls were going to announce that this would be the final camp. And I was correct - after 23 years they certainly deserve a well earned break. Amongst the 10 tutors 5 of us were from South Australia and one of us was Lessa Siegele who has taught at every single camp….so of course she was presented with the street sign at the conclusion……
 But lets go back to night one with show and tell. First of all the workshops for Lessa, Deb and Faye…..

 and the effervescent Pam Furness…….

  Then from Gina Burgess…...

 and some new work from Deb Louie…...
 Gloria Loughman's landscape quilts……...

 And then it is always fun to see finished workshops from previous years. Lessa's ring cycles…….
 Faye's scrappy quilts……..
 Amanda Daly's Art Quilts……..
 and the girls from my class last year and it was a little bit of struggle trying to hold four fabric tiles..but well down girls - you did me proud!

 My class this year was very chilled out……relaxing and easy going as we explored felted wool and hand embroidery my way…….
 Dorothy's pinks and mauves and Christine's red on a beige ruffled background…….
 Young Mum Sandie who is now expert at french knots and double whipped chain…….
 Paddy worked on linen - the start of a blanket…..
 Helen's perfect tiny stitches…..
 and Jenny's spectacular colour choices,,,,,,,
 All those little berries from Carol and more of the same shades from Pam…..
 Janette was very busy….
 as was Yvonne using beautiful variegated felted wool pieces…...
 It was a lovely two days and thanks girls for spending that time with me. I snuck this picture while they were at lunch…or maybe the coffee van…or maybe shopping??!!
 Next door Faye was helping her girls to create these wonderful Mariners Compasses…..

 The final impromptu celebration was organised by Lessa…...cakes to match the committee…….

 We will miss the annual journey, the lovely committee, and all the friends that we have made - but I am sure we will cross paths again one day. I will miss the views and the sound of the bellbirds……..
 but maybe not the bed…..!
 And of course we will miss the company of the other tutors especially at the airport gatherings…...
 Thankyou to all the camp committee for organising such joy to so many quilters. It was a great privilege to be a part of it for 4 camps. You deserve this rest and we hope to see you again one day xx  I came home to rose blooms galore in the garden and the whole house now smells beautiful…...
 I've been preparing like crazy for the four day convention which starts in less than 2 days - whew!  Stay tuned - I am about to announce a new and important quilt and pattern release!


  1. you have been very busy! thanks for sharing the photos of camp - it looks like it was great fun

  2. Sad such a great camp has ended, but lots of happy memories are evident.

  3. congratulations on becoming Rajah winner for 2014

  4. What a great post, Michele! So many fabulous quilts - love the embroidery. So lucky to have such gorgeous roses.


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