Monday, 14 April 2014

Quilt Convention excitement - Part One

I've been home 24 hours and what a whirlwind it has been! I am completely exhausted and to my friends overseas I have some incredible news to share -  but that will be in "Part Two"!
The Australasian Quilt Convention has been sensational for a number of reasons, not least of all that this year the event celebrated 10 fabulous years! Judy and Gary from Expertise Events have contributed enormously to quilting in Australia bringing overseas tutors 'down under' to share in their skills. We arrived Wednesday morning to deliver our quilts and then after a brief tutor meeting we discovered our lovely accommodation……
For copyright reasons I can't share many quilts as I haven't asked permission from the quilt makers. I do want to share these though as I am sure these friends will be okay with that! Each year a prestigious award is handed out - the Rajah Award (which you will hear more about in Part Two!!)…….anyway last year's recipient was the talented Jenny Bowker and a display of her incredible quilts was on display and sadly due to illness she was unable to be there.……

Amongst the many other displays were quilts from some of the tutors. There were 14 tutors from around the world with many and varied talents…..
Again I have only shown images of those that I am able…….Gloria Loughman

 A very special friend and first time teacher at AQC Faye Packham……..

Julie Haddrick…….and the self portrait is incredibly lifelike!…….

And yours truly!……….

 Between classes I popped down to see more including the "Best of the Best" quilts from each state of Australia and and I was glad to find one very proud quilter Michele (also spelt with one "L"!), from the Northern Territory. She was thrilled to bits that her quilt was selected and she informed me her beautiful quilt was made entirely of silk………..thanks Michele…..
I also came across this quilt from my first book and beautifully made by Patricia also from NT…….

One of our talented girls from home, Helen Campbell…….love it Helen……...

 Elizabeth Camping is also from home and creates very original and innovative pieces……….

And South Australia shines again with Ming's intricately quilted work………...

 There is also the Best of Show winning quilts on display and this was the one from Janet Treen of New South Wales who eventually won Best of Australia. Well done Janet…your quilt is stunning……..

I met a very excited Pamela Brockwell with her "Best of Show" entry from Victoria….
Jenny Bowker was the winner from the Australian Capital Territory…….

Jocelyn Leath represented Western Australia…..a clever portrait done in manipulated cheesecloth…...

Pam Hill from Queensland and her entry……...

I have been very lucky to represent South Australia on four occasions and my quilt was glad to be unfolded and off the shelf! It will travel until the end of the year so farewell my friend……
and for some reason I seem to be missing Tasmania and Northern Territory but you can see them here on the Bernina Australia site. Every year Expertise Events sets a challenge to quilters with a set criteria and size. This year the theme was TEN in recognition of the 10th year of AQC. Some of them can be seen here on the AQC website but I did take the liberty of photographing one of our very own quilters from home as her piece is just stunning. Ming's work is impeccable and there are 10 hidden cats in this whole cloth quilt made from a recycled tablecloth……..

 The venue never disappoints …. it is the World Heritage listed Royal Exhibition Building and has a stunning interior…...
 Faye was so excited to be teaching for the very first time and her skill is in piecing especially encouraging beginners…………...
 and this is one of her shining stars who happened to turn sweet 16 on day three of four days with Faye! Well down Faye on nurturing another future quilter…….and to Skye and your beautiful Mum…it was so lovely to meet you both. We all hope this is the beginning of a long journey of quilt making (and thanks for my beautiful scarf too xxx). Skye managed to produce these two…yes TWO quilts tops at this one event - WOW!…..
Well I didn't take too many photos in class but I did have to take this one of Anne……she read her instructions well as it told her to have everything labelled with her name….but glasses as well Anne??? Loved having you and everyone else……bless you all xxx
 So I will try to remain calm and gather my thoughts as I am about to type one of the the most incredible things that has ever happened to me in Part Two……...


  1. Thanks for showing some of the lovely quilts Michelle, skipping over to your next blog post now.

    Anne isn't so silly labelling her glasses, I remember hearing that Pam Holland had a pair of her glasses disappear one day at a class.

  2. Thank you for showing so incredible quilts. Just so beautiful.


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