Friday, 25 April 2014

Lest we forget

Today is Anzac Day and of course our thoughts turn to those who lost their lives and also to my special Dad who I miss every day. I've talked often of his service as an Australian navigator serving in the UK during WW2 in Bomber Command with 582 Squadron. I am amazed at the number of links this year on the internet More about 582 here. There is far more than ever before which is wonderful so that we will never forget the sacrifices they all made. I came across this one - Little Staughton Roll of honour and it so moving to see all those that lost their lives. How hard it must have been for Dad having flown with many of them. I scrolled down the page to Captain Ted Swales citation for his post-humous Victoria Cross. Dad baled out last on this op and Ted lost his life to save all his crew. Dad talked of it often and for that I am grateful. The site had this photo and there is Dad second from right…..
I also found a Facebook page here that has been set up for Dad's squadron and this is Captain Ted Swales who saved his crew…..
Dad was one of the lucky ones having survived 55 ops and for that he received a Distinguished Flying Cross. The parachute that saved his life allowed him to also receive a Caterpillar badge which you can read about on the link. So today we remember not only my Dad but all the other veterans that have allowed us to live the lives we do today….miss you Dad………
 I still have one of Dad's airforce shirts and below is a piece of the parachute that saved his life over Germany along with the miniature version of his medals…….

We dashed outside as we heard the tiger moths overhead heading into the city for the remembrance parade…… time to put on the zoom lens though…….
So we are just waiting for the son-in-law to come and help dig some holes for my future rose garden. So the Anzac biscuits are ready……..


  1. A very moving story Michelle. Thank you for sharing. I too have treasured memories of my dear Dad who died 11 years ago. I miss him so much.2

  2. what a lovely story - we all need to remember our veterans all year long don't we. Several years ago I found out that some of my Uncle's things were in a military museum in Georgia - he had been WWII survivor of a prison camp in the Philippines and survive the Bataan Death March - he was a prisoner the whole war time and came home barely living. It was so nice to see his things in a museum when we toured it and see words from interviews to go with the items. He died some time ago now.


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