Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Catching up

So many times I start this blog wondering where the past week/s have gone….this one is no exception. So blog I must before people wonder where we are. Hi Karyn who I met in Castlemaine - you are one of many who say they enjoy reading my trivia each day - except I am sorry I struggle to do it weekly at times!! Thankyou x 
We are still having hot weather here and to be honest I am well and truly over it. The last two nights have been quite warm but there is promise of cooler weather soon. The garden is full of surprises with bulbs showing their first shoots and sweet peas sprouting….it is just lovely to watch the mystery revealed as we see what Jackie (the previous owner), had planted. We still haven't sold the townhouse but have had our very first offer (which of course we accepted!)….we are just waiting for it to be 'official" this time next week. The roses above are from the townhouse which we still visit to keep clean and tidy…..nice to have a bit of that garden here. We've been in our new home for 9 weeks tomorrow and have achieved so much in that short time - no wonder I feel stuffed! The cards have been heart-warming and very special…….thank-you from both of us to those special people……

The first lot of window treatments have been installed and we are loving the shutters……..

 My work corner is so full of light and soon Tim will install down lights for us too…..

Just need to save up for the next lot of blinds and curtains which will include those William Morris padded pelmets and tie-backs! Of course having our little visitor makes us smile and his personality is shining as is that great head of hair….
I've been working non-stop on the Mystery quilt for the Quilt Convention which starts in a week…sneaky little pics of it can be seen in the photos on this entry!! The roses at home have been loving this weather and recently I received a very generous voucher to spend at Ross Roses - so soon the front will be full of blooms too (work for you Brett - I've left the digging for the son-in-law!). The voucher was in exchange for my late Mum's Bernina sewing machine which is going to a new young sewer…..thanks Janie xx
Finally I was thrilled to receive an email today from Lynda who has been working on the Adelaide Collection Sampler for the last 2 years. It has been made for her son's wedding which is next weekend….fabulous job Lynda and thanks ever so much for sharing your story…..
Have a great week wherever you are xx


  1. Love your roses. I am happy for you to finally get an offer, hope it all works out well.

  2. So excited to hear the you got an offer on your townhouse. Hope all goes well and that you are able to complete the sale soon!


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