Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chocolate Box Poole

Last Friday on our bus trip from Plymouth to Poole, I noticed some thatched roof cottages along the way. So since that day I have yearned to find them. I spent an age working out whether to get the bus or a train and then didn't know how many miles we would have to walk. So today we took the train to Weymouth and then asked a taxi driver it there was somewhere he could take us to satisfy my need! And he didn't let us down...and in fact you  will read shortly that it was fate that we visit there at the time that we did. He took us to the charming village of Abbotsbury. Initially the driver was going to pull over so I could just get my photos but we decided to stay as there was a bus that could take us back to Weymouth.....so enjoy a little 'chocolate box' Dorset.......

 Vicki is still travelling with us in my bag every day.....

 A piece of this lemon cake has come back to the hotel for supper!

 So where did fate play a part in this visit? Well to start with it was just a fluke that the taxi driver took us where he did....we had no idea where we should go, so we just said "anywhere that has a thatched cottage"! And then there were only two small shops to have lunch so we chose one because of the cake in the window!! There was only one other couple seated........and then fate played its part. Turns out this charming couple were on a holiday from Birmingham. Thinking that they would not know who I was about to talk about, I decided to mention an important man who worked in construction in Birmingham -  who just happens to be Helen of Whitecroft Tours late father. Well it turns out the gentleman actually worked with Helen's father and his wife meets with Helen's mother every week to stitch!! Helen is over the moon of course and I am chuffed to bits to share in a little more of her life. What a small world and a lovely memory......and they graciously allowed me to share the moment on the blog..........


  1. Michele - thanks for all the glorious photos! I am enjoying travelling vicariously with you from my armchair at home - but I wish I was there too. cheers, Maxine in Adelaide

  2. That place looks like a movie set, not a place where people live! Lucky girl

  3. So beautiful. The small world gets smaller all the time! Enjoy.


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