Wednesday 16 October 2013

Sleeping in Singapore

Flying from Australia to London and back is not an easy journey and many years ago we were able to do it without a stop-over....but not anymore! We landed this morning at 7.15am after a 13 hour flight (a little quicker from London with the westerly winds). We had no sleep to speak of as our bodies were not ready for sleep because we had left London in the morning. We were thrilled that the hotel already had our room ready at 8.30am so we succumbed and had a wonderful 5 hour sleep! So a little wander this afternoon.......
 Looking forward to seeing more of these little markets tomorrow........

 This was just growing on the sidewalk.........
 This was once a convent school but is now being converted to a high end shopping centre Chijmes......seemed a bit weird to me but I guess it is great it is being renovated??
 So many shopping malls........

 and Larry looking pretty happy on the air-conditioned underground.....probably because we will be home in a few sleeps as well............

 I was pretty grumpy when we disembarked......I loathe overnight flights especially long ones! But happy, happy tonight....look what we found! I now have my very own William Morris sneakers! (and such a bargain here - 79 singapore dollars which is about AU$70 - thank-you Larry xx)


  1. I love your Liberty sneakers, really nice, shopping and looking around Singapore is fun, despite the heat and humidity, as Larry found out the aircon in the underground makes a great respite from it all. You might want to check out the quilting shop - Quilts 'n Calicoes in Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Rd, if you are up that way.

  2. Oh, very cool, Michelle! Well spotted !

  3. Awesome pics Michele, thanks so much for sharing. Just loooovvvveeeee the sneakers!


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