Monday, 29 July 2013

Being a student

Well you have read correctly.....I am being a student for 2 full days!! But first of all my news since the New Zealand Quilt Symposium. I had just 2 days at home and of course they were filled with a little bit of this..........
 Beau's Dad is a musician so it is inevitable music will play a big part in Beau's life. I learnt to play the piano myself and we have one at home - so it has been wonderful to see how Beau has taken to it so quickly. Even at 17 months his little fingers know exactly what to do and it is delightful to hear him sing as he plays....we get "Baa Baa something"!! Just wonderful..........
So back to 'being a student'. I have been waiting for nearly 12 months to do a class at the Quilting in the Highlands retreat. I had the honour of teaching at this amazing event last year but put in a request to be a student where we could explore some hand embroidery using stitches for raw edge appliqué. So my wish was granted and I have two perfect days with the talented Yvette Stanton known for her left and right handed embroidery books.....
I used my rewards points and treated myself to a special seat on the plane! Having never travelled business class before it was a real treat but I must confess I did feel a little guilty and self indulgent ....but what the heck - 'a once in a  lifetime experience' and a great way to use my points.....

The train trip from Sydney airport to Mittagong wasn't so glamourous and took nearly 4 hours for a 2 hour trip......but eventually I arrived just as the sun was setting......

So today was day one of some blissful hand stitching. This is Yvette's beautiful sample........

And I am already chuffed with my results, especially the palestrina stitch......

It is so wonderful to be sitting "on the other side" with like minded quilters - thanks Yvette and can't wait for tomorrow. More news later


  1. He's so cute and two handed already! What a marvelous class you are attending. What beautiful work.

  2. What a lovely musician. Good to see you having some 'you' time for a change, enjoy.

  3. Michele the class sounds so exciting and your stitching looks absolutely beautiful. Beau is just so gorgeous - no wonder you couldn't wait to get back home to catch up with him. By the way - good for you going for the upgrade as we are all entitled to some self pampering sometimes. Can't wait to hear and see more.

  4. I am always so happy with your blog posts, Beau is beyond darling. And it's going to get better and better. The embroidery is gorgeous and I assume chuffed is a good thing? Everyone needs a first class flight once in a while. Enjoy and how about a new book???

  5. Although I do occasionally commitment myself to hand blanket stitching a project, you didn't sell me on alternative hand embroidery stitches to finish the fusible applique. Well, I might just have to change my mind... and it looks like another book to add to my collection. Hope you are having fun!

  6. That embroidery work is amazing. I love what you do, but I'm not good enough to pull it off myself. I eventually finished our WM sampler from the UK trip, but its not as lovely as yours. You just have a knack.


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